Wrest Park


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A few months ago, we travelled to Silsoe in Bedfordshire to visit Wrest Park. Also, at the time, they were operating a one-way system inside.

sign, one-way-sign
One Way Sign.

I also visited here during the summer (when my son was with his dad) for some “Me-Time “reflection.

As we entered Wrest Park, I was surprised at the enormity of open space. I was impressed.

Audio Guide Tour.

Audio Tour.

First, we noticed that you could scan the QR codes (spotted in several places around the venue) to listen to an audio guide tour as we walked around. I am a fan of audio guides and transcripts and use these regularly myself.

English Heritage.

summer-explorer-quest, english-heritage
Summer Explorer Quest.

Wrest Park is part of English Heritage, and as I returned this summer, I noticed the summer explorer quest trail. Likewise, it is a trail of facts and fun quizzes. There is also a downloading booklet online, where you can tick off the animals you see at Wrest Park too.

Scenery at Wrest Park.

statues-at-wrest-park, statues
Statues and View.

Unlike today, when we visited Wrest Park, there were clear skies.

We took a panoramic view of the serene surroundings before looking at the gardens, statues, and stunning grounds.


There were plenty of statues on the grounds to admire, such as the equestrian statue and statue of Neptune. Likewise, my son gazed at all of them and took many photos too.

Bowling Green House and Orangery.


The first place we entered was the Orangery because it was the closest to us on entry. Next, we headed further towards the end on the grounds to see the Bowling Green House.

bowling-green-house, wrest-park
Bowling Green House.

Woodlands and Pavilion.

The Woodlands.

On the first visit, my son and I walked around some of the grounds, but not all. (There is a lot of landscape to cover).

Walking around Wrest Park,

The second time I visited Wrest Park was by myself. I walked through the woodlands, which led me to the Long Water by the Pavilion.

After a peaceful stroll, I sat on the bench eating a sandwich while watching the swans swim.

swans-swimming, wrest-park
Swans Swimming.

Chinese Bridge and Temple.

chinese-bridge-by-the-canal, chinese-bridge-at-wrest-park
Chinese Bridge by the canal.

It was my son who found the Chinese Bridge and Temple. We had two paths to locate the Chinese Bridge, and I chose a path. He said no, so we proceeded to go in the direction he chose, which concluded to be the right choice.

Wrest Park Mansion.


After touring the grounds, we decided to enter Wrest Park Mansion as we headed back.

Wrest Park Manor House.

The interior staircase was captivating, although, at the time, there was restricted access to the upstairs.

interior-staircase, wrest-park-mansion
Interior Staircase.

My son liked the decor and patterns in design for the walls and ceilings. He then took some time to reflect and look out onto the French Gardens from the mansion.

Landscape Gardens at Wrest Park.

gardens-wrest-park, french-gardens
The Gardens.

Our favourite part of our visit was the Chinese Bridge and the gardens. My son admired the intricate pattern design in the French Gardens, in particular.

I was delighted with the range of colourful flowers in the flower beds in the Italian Gardens.

Lastly, my son wanted me to take a photo of the bathtub (with a lion head) outside the mansion. That was all for the day.

Bath Tub with Lion Head.

Next on the Tour de Bedfordshire is the Return to Shuttleworth.

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