World Autism Awareness Week

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Autism Awareness Week.

1st to 7th April 2019, World Autism Awareness Week is finally here! As a parent of an autistic child, there are so many topics that I could discuss, from communication and social interaction, education, receptive and expressive language delay, repetitive behaviours…the list goes on.

Positive Traits.

Firstly, I have decided to take a different approach. Furthermore, I would like to start this week off with highlighting the positive traits for World Autism Awareness Week.

positive traits.

I have the privilege of being around my son, not only understanding but embracing his way of life. From this experience, I have witnessed all the strengths and skills that he has.

My son is an honest person and will tell the truth, even if he knows that it will mean taking ownership of any of his wrongdoings. Additionally, he is unquestionably loyal to his friends and family and will always stand up for what is morally right.

He will give you straight to the point answers, meaning that you always know where you stand with him. He is not at all indecisive.

Visual Thinker.

Moreover, my son is a visual thinker and is excellent with puzzles and computer games. He is also able to imagine what his ideas look like before drawing them. He thinks logically. I see this as a strength because he has perspective without having emotions cloud his judgement.

Attention to Detail.

Next, my son is incredibly focused and disciplined when it comes to the topic of his special interest. At the moment he is fixated on Slappy, the Dummy from Goosebumps.

slappy figure, slappy the dummy
slappy figure.

My child focuses in-depth of every detail of this interest including reviewing the artist, the design of the dummy and comparing the older version with the modern design. Additionally, he recites facts about Slappy. He is always asking me questions and wants to know more on the history of ventriloquist dummies.

My Son’s Humour.

Furthermore, he has a great sense of humour. Some might call it having a dry sense of humour. I personally find his humour hilarious, and his understanding of jokes has developed over the past few years. As for anyone who knows him, he used to get so offended by jokes and laughter but now the understanding is there, he enjoys the bonding experience of telling jokes. (I know the difference to when he is joking and when he is being serious) Autistic people have a sense of humour.

Feeling Included.

excluded vs included.

As part of raising awareness for World Autism Awareness Week, we should know by now, people are different (including autistic people from each other) so we have to take this into consideration when working with, having a friendship, relationship or just being around someone who has a different perspective.

Just take time out to get to know that person. As human beings, we may have a different outlook on life, different interests, and other elements about us that differ from each other; despite of that, we all desire the same feeling of belonging, love, social acceptance, friendship, safety, job security and a sense of achievement. We all deserve that.

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