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Reading the Words.

I have been struggling lately with reading because the words on the page and screen are becoming blurred to me. Furthermore, the past months I have been reading so much text that my brain is finding it hard to take it all in.

Social Media.


Even when I am creating posts for my social media pages, it can take me a while to re-read the text to make sure that what I am thinking comes out in the right words, and that I haven’t mixed up the words.

Reading as an Adult.

reading as an adult.

It can be difficult, sometimes being dyslexic, even as an adult. It can be overwhelming when there is so much all at once to read.


I have been breaking up the text into smaller chunks to make it easier to process the information. The information is also more accessible to listen to when I convert text transcript to audio. Likewise, audio helps me hear the flow of what I write.

Learning Support Assistant.

learning support assistant.

In all honesty, it has been a strange experience that for decades, I hid my struggles with reading, to now openly showing my son (while helping him with his work) an insecurity of mine. Even adults have something that they struggle with, and this is a valuable lesson to show my son.

I do not feel like a failure to my son because of this, as I have persistently helped my son with his schoolwork at home regardless, and he has been motivated and not given up doing the work. Together, we make a great team.

Computers and Books.

computers and books.

My son has been reading dyslexia-friendly books that I purchased for him. His favourite one reading at the moment is Merlin. I have been looking into large print for him too.

From our visit to the National Museum of Computing, we attended a Microsoft Hub, where we learnt about accessible software.

I have been looking into the accessible features of Microsoft for both of us. In addition to researching resources for dyslexia for me as well as my son.

Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experience and is to be used for information and educational purposes, only.