What’s On My Mind

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Autism Challenge.

How can anyone think that mocking autistic people is entertainment? It is shocking, and I am in disbelief that such a challenge was on a social platform. I do feel that there is a blurred line between what is entertaining and what is inappropriate and blatantly mocking people for the way they were born.

It took far too long for the service to remove this challenge, and I do not want to hear of things or see anything like this happening again. Enough is enough!

How will the service provider monitor its platform so that a similar challenge does not happen in the future? How can we educate people who find this funny that it is very hurtful beyond comprehension?

It is just disappointing that a challenge like this happened in this day and age. The autism challenge is the same as blackface. (my opinion). It’s wrong!

Schools reopening.

My son is in a group of children advised going back to school at the start of June.

I have made the decision (along with my son) not to send my son back to school. Additionally, he requires a full time 1:1 and under the new rules, it would be close to impossible for him to access the level of support needed to sustain his education. At least with me at home, I can sit next to him to oversee his work and be able to scribe for him in the parts of work he needs scribing.

Although I previously worked with a different age group, I have acquired experience as a 1:1 learning support assistant, so do have some teaching support training and experience, and mother’s knowledge of working in a way in which my son learns best.

I feel it is equally as important to focus on mental wellbeing during this time; so, my approach has been very relaxed, including fun games and activities.

Being a mum is of higher importance during this time, so anything I approach has a mother’s twist to it.

The Outdoors.

I checked with our doctor first for my son to confirm that we can go outside for exercise. This has only been recent, and we will only go outside for exercise.

It feels lovely to finally get outside for exercise (and some fresh air). I do not know if I am the only one doing this, but I drive by until I see a quiet area with some shade to park up. We have also been enjoying looking at the flowers as we walk along.

I am careful about what time we go out and know not to go to the popular areas where it will be busy.

We have not been up to much this half-term because of the heat. I also feel it has been one of those holidays where we both preferred not overfilling our days with activities.

Disclaimer: Always seek professional advice from social, health and/or educational providers with regards to decisions for a person’s care.

Please remember that every situation is different with regards to returning back to school, so please know that the contents in this post relates only to my son’s circumstance and what is best for his needs.