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The Verulamium Museum is in St Albans and has a display of historical artefacts from Roman Britain. Likewise, the museum is situated where the city of Verulamium was. (A bit of history on the blog for you).

Firstly, I had to pre-book our tickets online, which was the purchase of a child ticket costing only £3.00, and a free carer assistant ticket. Additionally, the Verulamium Museum forms part of the St Albans Museums. On their website, you can locate the Verulamium Museum visual story by clicking onto the Facilities and Access category; and following the instructions.

Romanesque Architecture.

verulamium-museum-roman-britain, verulamium-museum-st-albans, verulamium-museum, roman-britain
Verulamium Museum Roman Britain.

As per one of my previous blog: The Roman Baths, I highlighted my interest in architecture. Thus, I appreciated the Romanesque style and design of the Verulamium Museum, with circular shapes, mosaics, and arches.

Entering the Verulamium Museum.

verulamium-park-map, verulamium-museum, st-albans
Verulamium Park Map.

There was a map outside the museum, which showed where the hypocaust was within Verulamium Park.

Next, my son and I entered the museum. After the reception, there was a corridor that we walked down towards the gallery.

verulamium-museum, roman-britain, romanesque-architecture.
Inside the Verulamium Museum.

As we walked along the corridor, we noticed a welcome sign on the wall, which gave a little history of the Iron Age, and the Roman town of Verulamium.

welcome-to-the-verulamium-museum, verulamium-museum-st-albans, roman-britain, verulamium-museum-roman-britain
Welcome to the Verulamium Museum.

Roman Exhibition Rooms.

There were different rooms for each exhibition, including a Making a Living room and a Food and Farming room. Additionally, there were display sets of roman mannequins to replicate life in Roman Britain.

roman-mannequin-display, roman,
Roman Mannequin Display.

Making a Living Room.

My son liked that there were interactive displays in this room, including building a replica Roman arch.

Merchants and Markets Room.

In this room, there were displays of Roman artefacts, including Roman pottery and Roman coins.

roman-artefact, verulamium-museum-roman-coins
Verulamium Museum Roman Coins.

Furthermore, my son opened the large drawers to view more of the pottery and coins.

verulamium-museum-roman-coins, roman-coins, roman-artefacts, roman-pottery
Roman Pottery and Coins.

Lastly, he moved the display of roman coins until central, viewing them magnified on a tv screen.

roman-coins. verulamium-museum, roman, roman-museum
Roman Coins.

Rites and Recreation Room.

Next, we looked at the roman games in the Rites and Recreation room; but something distracted me.

roman-actor-mask, roman, mask, roman-artefact
Roman Actor’s Mask.

I saw a mask, which turned out to be a replica of a Roman actor’s mask. Although, my first thoughts were that it reminded me of a mask from a Horror film. (Thinking, no, I don’t want to play a game).

Roman Mosaics.

mosaics-and-wall-paintings, mosaics, verulamium-museum-mosaics, roman-museum
Mosaics and Wall Paintings.

Afterwards, we walked around and entered the central part of the gallery, where there was an information display about roam wall paintings and mosaics. Furthermore, the information explained and showed where the archaeologist found these mosaics.

If you enjoy art or like to create a decorative pattern; then, the St Albans Museums’ website has a  Making Mosaics art activity.

bronze-mosaic, roman-mosaic, verulamium-museum, roman-museum
Bronze Mosaic.

What stood out most to us was the bronze circular mosaic display, with the lights shining up at it.

Lastly, before we headed home, we purchased a magnet from the Verulamium Museum to add to our magnet collection.

verulamium-museum, fridge-magnet
Verulamium Museum Fridge Magnet.

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