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I have to be honest and say that I have been feeling exhausted lately. When I get to this point, I struggle with reading and writing. (as it just becomes information overload and I shutdown.

Tough Times.

I am going through a difficult time, and overall am feeling frustrated. I am having flashbacks of my childhood of my mum expressing her concerns of me struggling with reading and my speech. She was ignored and told that it was me being lazy.

Even though my parents helped me and I learnt to become self-sufficient, as I stated in Dyslexia: From Struggle to Strength this was “Not as an option but as survival to progress,” sometimes my successes felt bittersweet because of this reason.

Apart from food technology and art, school was not an enjoyable place for me, and it should have been.

Speaking on behalf of myself and my son’s dad, we are parents who do not want our child to experience what we went through ourselves at school.

A Social Break.

It is no secret that I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Being a creative person, I love the innovation of social media and being able to have genuine discussions with people who are going through a similar experience as us.

I am not keen on the marketing side and spending vast amounts of times online can be toxic to my mental health. Next year, I will be spending time away from social media.

As a family, we already dedicate time to switch off from being online and away from modern technology so that we can enjoy valuable time together.

Family Unit.

Both myself and my partner are dyslexic. Myself and my son’s dad co-parent, in our blended family. As a family, we have many members, including myself, who are neurodivergent. I am not only advocating for my son but us as a family unit.

Feeling Valued.

We work hard to help ourselves and others, and we are resilient. However, it can feel like we sometimes have to tailor our lives to fit in more; oppose to feeling fully valued and accepted for the way we think and live our lives.

As a blended family, we are sometimes not necessarily understood. I am grateful for anyone who takes their time to listen to our experiences. I have always been open and willing to talk and meet anyone halfway to have essential, sometimes uncomfortable but needed conversations so that everyone learns and moves forward.

We want to be heard as a family. We want to be valued for the way we think and the way we were born.

Dream Big.

I want to end this post on a happy note considering the stress and hardship that 2020 has brought on many people in general.

To all children and adults, keep on dreaming of what you are passionate about and use this energy to drive you to establish want you want in life.

You own your identity, no one else.

Disclaimer: The content in this blog is based on personal experience and is not to be generalised. Some of the content may be emotionally triggering.