Two Short Poems

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The Waiting Game.

the waiting game.

Tough times make tough people,

Well, I think I have been tested enough.

Is that the postman at the door?

(Waiting for the outcome).

Feeling sick, being sick,

I can’t sleep.

One step backwards,

More like one giant leap.

Tears for Society.

tears for society.

I cry tears because all I want to do is belong,

A broken-down structure, hiding what is morally wrong.

We need to teach each other that different is ok,

Not feeding stereotypes but loving each other in our own way.

We need to start healing, the pain we’ve endured,

Left in no man’s land with no comfort reassured.

With all the noise, the questions what, who, when, and why?

Never lose focus on the child in the middle, the soul that cries.

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