Tour de Buckinghamshire


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I’m excited to announce our blog series on our tour around Buckinghamshire. Furthermore, Buckinghamshire is a county which is in South East of England. We have recently (and previously) visited a few places here, including Thomley.

Here is a brief look at what blogs will be in our Tour de Buckinghamshire series:

Bekonscot Model Village and Railway.

Bekonscot Model Village.

My son and I travelled over to Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire to see the Bekonscot Model Village. Moreover, It was our first time visiting here.


stowe, stowe-house

Located in Buckingham, Stowe Gardens is part of the National Trust. My partner and I have visited Stowe in previous years. However, May half-term 2021 was my son’s very first visit.

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf.

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf.

Located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf is a pirate-themed adventure golf course. Additionally, my son and I visited here this summer.

Campbell Park.

Campbell Park.

Located in Milton Keynes, Campbell Park is part of The Parks Trust. The Park has beautiful landscapes, and many events and festivals hosted here, (which I will discuss further in the blog).

Lastly, the first part in the Tour de Buckinghamshire series will be: Beckonscot Model Village and Railway.

Disclaimer: The content in the blog’s based on personal experience; and for information and educational purposes. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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