The Health Triangle: Social Health

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This post is based on personal experience, and all views are my own. Always seek professional advice from a health care provider for your health needs.

My boyfriend, myself and son are on a quest to achieve optimal health. We want to do this in a way that will work for us long term. (not just for January).

The Oxford dictionary defines health as: “the condition of a person’s body or mind.”

I want to share with you what we have been working on through using the health triangle. The health triangle is a visual tool that represents the three sides of health: social, mental and physical.

Social Skills.

For those of you who do not already know, my son attends a few social clubs, to build up his confidence and ensure that he is socially active and happy. It is essential to help develop his social skills and exposes him to different and new social environments.

All three of us go out to different places and gradually develop our social health by trying something new and stepping out of where we feel comfortable.

Family and Friends.

We are lucky that we live close to my parents and brother, so my son and I can visit our immediate family. His dad also lives close by, which is excellent too.

Although I continue to do volunteer work, I have also gone out with friends more last year than in previous years. Likewise, I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others.

I am consciously making more of an effort to socialize as recently I haven’t wanted to be around people, and I know if I stay in by myself (especially when my son is with his dad) then this becomes unhealthy.

Boyfriend and Social Health.

I have had a lot of important decisions to make. I have been neglecting my boyfriend over the past months. It has had an impact on our relationship, and we have gone through some difficult times. We do not live together, so this has added another layer of stress to the situation.

Don’t you worry though, we have come out of this challenging period, and have been rebuilding our relationship for good health, (and social and emotional connection).


We are working on incorporating relationship time. We even have time together sitting down and just talking (with the tv off). The challenging times have made us stronger.

Lastly, social health is equally important as the other sides of the health triangle. (physical and mental).

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