The Gardens at Jordans Mill

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My son and I decided to visit the Gardens at Jordans Mill in Bedfordshire, which was our first time visiting here. The tour at the mill showed it was currently closed; however, we only planned to stay outdoors.

jordans mill biggleswade
Jordans Mill Biggleswade.

The main car park was closed, but parking was available at the front of Jordans Mill. For the Mill Gardens, there was a one-way system in place for us to go around.

They also had plenty of signage with guidelines for social distancing and arrows for direction.

We did not go into Jordans Mill meadow this time, only the gardens. Additionally, my son marvelled at the oats, wheat, leeks, legumes, rye, and flower displays.

What a great learning experience for my son to see some of the grains, used in cereals.

There is access information on Jordans Mill website. Furthermore, the information outlines that the mill gardens access offers wide pathways, which is suitable for wheelchair users. ( )

garden arch
garden arch.

At the mill, the coffee bar was opened to order take away food and drink. Hence, the food could be eaten outside on the decked terrace.

Overall, what we liked was there was ample space to move freely, and the environment was peaceful. We also could admire everything at our leisure.

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