Summer Check Up 2021


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It has been a while since I have done a wellbeing blog; so, I thought now was the right time to post one.

So, where do I start?


For anyone already familiar with our blog will know that I am dyslexic. Additionally, for some time, now I have been questioning (for valid reasons) if there is more to my neurodivergent profile.

I have made a referral for an assessment, which has reached a standstill. Why you ask? Well, because of a narrow view, common misconceptions, and outdated perceptions. In other words, the barrier for me from not being referred for assessment is because I have a degree. I’m exhausted at this point on this matter, but I shall persist.

Summer Holidays 2021.

The second week into the holidays, and I am slightly tired. But, at the same time have been enjoying spending the summer holidays with my son. I had to focus my time (last year) on the appeal to SEND Tribunal. So that is why I am making the most of this summer.

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that it’s a challenge to entertain children for the whole of the summer holidays. (6 weeks of it!) Moreover, I have learnt from previous summer holidays to make sure we have plenty of rest days. 

The Name.

You may have noticed a slight change to the name of this blog. Let me explain the reason why. When I started blogging back in October 2018, I struggled with coming up with a name for the blog. I used ASD in the blog name because that was my son’s medical diagnosis.

Over time, the blog has evolved along with us as a family (who are neurodivergent). I also understand the negative connotations that terms have. I’ll go a step further and discuss my son’s rare chromo. Having a rare chromosome diagnosis is classified as a rare disease. Having a son and his dad who both have a rare chromo diagnosis, the medical terminology is quite harsh. After all, you are talking about people and not medical subjects. More so, I am not a medical professional and am blogging from a social, lived experience.

I have removed the D, which in medical terms represents the term disorder. Additionally, I feel that the blog’s name no longer feels relevant to us because my son has multiple diagnoses, and the blog covers a range of topics that are true to our lifestyle. I am also incorporating more blogs on us as a family. (Oppose to just focusing on my son). I guess what I am trying to say is I want the blog to give a holistic representation of lived experiences. I am hoping by September 2021, my son and I will come up with a brand-new name for the blog that feels right to us.


I am not shying away from conversations that need to be had, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel at first. After all, I am a neurodivergent female in her thirties who comes from an ethnic minority. Believe me. There are many conversations I have had and will continue to have. Furthermore, I’d like to state that I am still learning too; and listening to others who also face barriers; but experiences differ from ours.

How am I feeling?

I don’t know if it is because I am getting older, I have a better understanding of my own needs or a combination of both, but I’m feeling liberated. I am heading in the right direction in 2021. It almost feels like a rebirth.

Disclaimer: the content of the blog is based on personal opinion and experience.