Summer Activities

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Baking Activities.

I can confidently say that I will never be able to match my son’s energy levels. The previous weeks have been fun, though, and we have more exciting times to come.

This week, my son wanted to bake some cookies, so we looked through some cookery books.

My son decided that he wanted to make chocolate flapjacks and some chocolate chip cookies, a couple of summer activities to do during the holidays. (if you are a chocolate fan, then here’s blog on the chocolate factory: Cadbury World that we visited).

Chocolate Flapjacks.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My kitchen is so narrow, so isn’t the most practical kitchen to help someone to cook. I have a few plans I am working on to help my son with cooking. My ideas involve creating a lot of visuals.

Baking is very systematic, so I’m confident that he will be able to cook independently. Although, for me, it is as important that he enjoys the cooking experience. There is so much joy you can get out of it.

I could see that my son was enjoying baking, and he understood when I explained the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

tablespoon and teaspoon
tablespoon and teaspoon.

I loved teaching my son how to bake, and he was so pleased with how the cookies and flapjacks came out.

Seaside Activities.

With our seaside escape soon approaching, I decided to create two activities to entertain my son for this holiday.

Summer Bingo.

I used old photos and cropped the images. I also took photos of my son’s bucket and spade and windmill and created a checklist. I’ve got a mix up of images for the car journey and for when we arrive at the seaside. This activity will keep him entertained, ticking off the items that he can see.

Here is the summer activity template:

Free Summer Bingo Template.

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Seaside Snap.

I decided to duplicate the photos of items that you would see at the seaside. I then printed them off, laminated them and cut them out into cards. There you have a game of seaside snap. My son can also play the matching pairs game with these cards.

Free Seaside Snap Template.

Copyright (c) Positively ASC 2018.

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