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My son wanted to try a different style of art, thus decided to focus on Steampunk art. Likewise, Steampunk art draws inspiration from the industrial revolution, which started in Great Britain and was more prominent during the Victorian era.

Steam-Powered Machinery.

the steam engine at thinktank
Steam Engine.

Steampunk fuses a sci-fi/futuristic style of art with elements of machinery, steam-powered machinery. Furthermore, in my blog: Our Weekend in Birmingham, we visited ThinkTank Science Museum. Additionally, at the museum, there is a working steam engine called the Smethwick Engine.  (giving my son visuals of steam-powered machinery for his work of art).

Steampunk Victorian Skull.

Here is the process of how my son created a Steampunk inspired Victorian Skull:

  1. Firstly, my son wanted a skull with a top hat to be the central piece to his art. (as he loves skulls now)
skull with a top hat
Skull with a top hat.

2. Secondly, I printed him a Victorian clock face (as requested); so, that he could draw some inspiration from the roman numerals.

Steampunk clock face
Roman numerals clock face.

3. He wanted the clock to look fragmented with pieces scattered all over the canvas, giving the effect that the broken clock is floating around.

Fragmented clock
Fragmented clock.

4. The skull and floating pieces look dreamy as such of fantasy art. Instead of floating cities in space, you have floating particles in the atmosphere.

Fantasy art
floating clock pieces.

5. It is a common feature to use metallic colours in Steampunk art; however, it is down to individual interpretation. Conversely, my son wanted to be different and add a pop of green into the mix, which I feel looks pretty cool.

green clock
Green Clock.

6. I bought a bag of gears and cogs for my son to use for his Steampunk artwork. Moreover, the cogs give a rustic effect with copper, gold, silver, and bronze colours.

Gears and cogs
Gears and cogs.

7. My son used a gold acrylic pen to colour on one side of the skull. (and a black acrylic pen for the top hat). Furthermore, the roman numerals are highlighted in with a black acrylic pen.

Fantasy Skull Art
Fantasy Skull art.

8. The floating clock segments are either green or brown.

green and brown clock
green and brown clock.

9. The other side of the skull is silver. In addition, my son decided to glue on the gears and cogs with PVA glue. (distributing them on the open spaces of the wooden canvas). Therefore, the artwork now has a metallic feel, representing parts from steam engines. Thus, here you have a Steampunk Skull, which was inspired by the Victorian era.

Steampunk Victorian Skull
Steampunk Victorian Skull.

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