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It had been a while since we visited Shuttleworth, so the mutual decision was to come here again during the summer holidays. Likewise, we wanted to see the vintage aircraft, Swiss Garden, and go on a sculpture trail too.

On arrival, we saw plenty of signs directing us to the different areas of the grounds. (Woodland Walk and Swiss Garden).

Woodland Walk.

The last time we visited, the Woodland Walk area was closed. So, it was nice the second time here to be able to experience this part of Shuttleworth.

We took a stroll down the Woodland Walk, where my son paused by the lake.

Lakeside Parklands.

parkland, parkland-shuttleworth
Parkland Greenery.

As we didn’t see this park last time, we enjoyed seeing the views by the lakeside and marvelling at Serpentine Lake.

Sculpture Trail.

There were various wood carvings to see on our Woodland Walk, which forms part of Shuttleworth’s Sculpture Trail.

I pointed to the wooden ship (as we walked), and my son pointed to this wooden art sculpture ahead of us. As we looked closer at the detail, we noticed that there was also a bird sculpture carved onto it.

The Swiss Garden.

Swiss Garden
Swiss Garden.

As we entered the Swiss Garden, my son sat down on the bench, overlooking the Swiss Cottage in the distance.

Swiss Cottage.

swiss-cottage, swiss-garden
Swiss Cottage.

My son and I had been to the Swiss Cottage on our first visit. Although, this time, we decided to have a landscape view of the garden from the cottage. (At a higher viewpoint).

swiss-garden, landscape-view, garden-view
View from the Swiss Cottage.

Swiss Garden Points of Interest.

There were several numbered posts next to points of interest in the Swiss Garden. Additionally, there’s a free map that you can pick up at the garden entrance, which highlights where (in the garden) the chapel, cottage ponds and bridges are.

Sitting in the Swiss Garden.

Just as we walked around the garden, we noticed a lion statue and an owl statue.

Beautiful Butterflies Trail.

My son has a keen eye for detail and noticed the artificial butterflies dangling from a tree branch. At first, we did not know why they were there.

Later, when we entered the museum, we came to find out that they were hosting a Moths Trail inside the hangars; and a Beautiful Butterflies Trail outside in the garden. On our previous visit, there was an Engineering Elves Trail inside the museum.

Vintage Aircraft.

The Collection Hangars Sign.

Shuttleworth museum has an impressive display of vintage aircraft and car collection.

vintage-aircrafts, planes
Vintage Aircrafts.

Furthermore, there were displays of miniature aircraft models too.

Miniature Aircraft Models.

I cannot remember seeing the Bristol Boxkite last time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it displayed at the front.

bristol-boxkite, vintage-aircraft
Bristol Boxkite.

The Hangar doors opened for ventilation, so we were able to stand by and look outside.

Marvellous Moths Trail.

I asked a staff member about the trails (after my son spotted the butterflies in the garden), who then handed us trail guides. While reading the front, I learnt about Sir Geoffrey de Havilland and his aircraft designs inspired by his interest in moths.

Lastly, my son spotted the artificial moths on the aircraft. Moreover, it made me giggle when I pointed at one and said: “Look! There’s a moth on a moth.”

moth, moth-aircraft
Moth on a Moth.


Aircraft in the Sky.

As we looked around the aircraft display in the hangars, we heard a sound outside and wondered what it was. (No, it was not Superman).

The sound was light aircraft taking off and landing. In addition, this was the first time that we saw aircraft flying at Shuttleworth.

3D Posters.

Like our last visit, when my son bought a 3D poster of flying aircraft, he wanted to buy some more to add to his collection.

He pondered for a while but then decided to buy three 3D posters with his pocket money: sharks, dinosaurs, and the solar system.

3d-poster, sharks
3d Shark Poster.

That was our second experience of visiting Shuttleworth. Both times we discovered different elements that attracted our attention.

The Return to Shuttleworth blog is the last from our Tour de Bedfordshire.

Although, I previous wrote a blog on our day out to the Gardens at Jordans Mill, which you can read. Likewise, Jordans Mill is also close to Shuttleworth.

Our following location on our blog tour is Tour de Hertfordshire.

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