Relaxed SEN Session at Cadbury World

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Cadbury World.

I have been so eager to share with you this post. Some of you may have guessed where we have been from my last post about our weekend in Birmingham. Yes, we only had gone and booked a relaxed SEN session at Cadbury World Visitor Centre!

Welcome sign.

Cadbury World, located just outside of Birmingham City Centre, is a visitor attraction full of chocolate history. The Relaxed SEN sessions are their latest addition, and I am so pleased about this. They offer both morning and afternoon SEN sessions.

I recommend going through the social story (on Cadbury World’s website) ahead of arrival because every person has different sensory needs. It is always good to make someone aware of the environment before visiting.

the bournville lane sign
The Bournville Lane Sign.

We booked a morning relaxed SEN session on 22nd September, and as when we drove past the Bournville Lane sign, it felt like we were stepping back in history.

Our tickets were scanned on entry and were each given an access wristband:

access wristband at cadbury world birmingham
access wristband.

Aztec Jungle.

the aztec game at cadbury world, aztec game
The Aztec game.

To our delight, we were handed chocolate bars before entering the Aztec Jungle. It was like living a childhood dream.

My son played on the interactive puzzle game where you had to match the clothing to the correct God.

It was like going through an interactive story of history going through the Aztec Jungle, learning about where chocolate originates from, the cacao tree and the cacao pod.

Journey to Europe and Bull Street.

We moved through to the Journey to Europe zone. Back then, chocolate used to be a luxury item only for the rich.

My son, partner and I entered a recreation of Bull Street, in Victorian times, where John Cadbury had his first shop.

Staff were welcoming and readily accessible, informing us of the waiting times for the Making Chocolate Story.

I was impressed that they had several screens with recordings of a lady signing for people with hearing loss or impairment.

Making Chocolate Story.

How Cadbury chocolate is made theatre.

Here we watched an interactive video of the history of Bournville village.

At the back, there were static seats as an option for those who may find the interactive part difficult.

static seats at cadbury world theatre room
Yellow static seats at Cadbury World theatre room.

Have a Go Zone.

cadbury chocolate writing station
Chocolate writing station.

The inner chocolatier in all of us came out when we got hands-on with tempering chocolate.

My son curiously asked how to temper white chocolate.

Cadabra Ride.

the cadabra ride at cadbury world, relaxed sen session
The Cadabra Ride at Cadbury World.

There was no queue for the Cadabra ride. Therefore, we sat in the car, and I was singing and waving at the chocolate eggs as they swayed side to side. (for my son’s entertainment). It was such a happy place. In other words, what’s not to love about a chocolate ride?

Chocolate Making.

chocolate making.

We marvelled at the chocolate tilting machine and watching the staff at work.

After, we were each handed a tasting pot of chocolate, with the addition of two toppings. (marshmallows and Oreos).

Advertising Avenue.

Advertising Avenue.

First of all, we were amazed at how many Cadbury’s advertisements we could remember. It was fun for my son seeing them too, some for the first time.

Over to the DJ station and then, of course, seeing the iconic gorilla on the drums. (My son wasn’t even born when this advert was released!).

Purple Planet.

purple planet floor.

We moved over to the Purple Planet, where there were plenty of interactive games wherever you turned. Here my son was in his element.

I liked that they had a caution sign letting you know about the automatic doors ahead of time.

caution automatic door sign at cadbury world
automatic door sign.

World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop.

My son and I had a look in the Cadbury shop, which was full of chocolate glory.

After careful consideration (because of so much choice) we bought a raspberry shortcake bar, orange zest bar and dark milk salted caramel chocolate bar.

4D Chocolate Adventure.

All staff were very accommodating when we entered the 4D Chocolate Adventure, asking if we all were ok with lifts.

We put on our 3D glasses and were ready for the experience, which, my son loved.

The Bournville Experience.

The Bournville Experience.

Next, we visited the Cadbury World Bournville Experience. Furthermore, here we had the chance to understand more about the Bournville village and the values of John Cadbury, who was a Quaker.

After, we saw some Cadbury products from the past, including Star Wars chocolate tubes.

star wars chocolate tubes at cadbury world
Star Wars Chocolate Tubes.

Overall, there were a lot more things to see and do than I initially thought, with an abundance of interactive activities. We were all happy that we finally got the chance to visit Cadbury World. Lastly, it was a place that all of us wanted to come to and having the option of a relaxed SEN session makes the experience more inviting and accessible to us as a family.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informational purposes and is based on personal experience. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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