Random Blog Two


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Let the Randomness Continue.

Welcome back to my random blogs, where I write content, and discuss random conversations. (Mainly me rambling on about many different topics).

Balance in the Home.

water fountain, water feature
Water Feature.

As part of my 5 ideas for 2021, I have applied a bit of Feng Shui to my home. I have repositioned my bed in a more commanding central position of the room, which opens more space. Additionally, I purchased a mini water feature, which I have placed to the side as you enter our flat. Furthermore, I like the idea of free-flowing energy around the home, so having a water element in the flat is essential.

Finally, last week I took my parents to a local garden centre, where they purchased a few plants and had a look at garden furniture.

As for me, I looked at getting a couple of indoor plants to create harmonious energy in my home. Moreover, both my son and I are also thinking of getting a small lemon tree.

Sensory Maps.

Sensory Maps.

A random thought, but I believe that all schools should undergo a sensory audit and a sensory map to be produced and used for each school environment. It would allow for better preparation to help support children with sensory sensitivities. Not a replacement for needing more accessible sensory spaces/buildings at school, but as a top-up to assist with meeting some children’s needs.

Mobile Phones.

Mobile Phone.

Out of all that schools are facing now (and all the underlying needs behind the causes of the behaviour of pupils), are mobile phones the main culprit to behaviour that is deemed not socially acceptable? (Typing as I shake my head in dismay). Really? Yes, mobile phones are distracting, but I feel that headteachers are more than capable of managing the use of or banning phones in their schools. On the contrary, we must also acknowledge that not all schools have enough computers for their pupils to use, so they may need to use their mobiles to do their work and research. However, I understand if the motive to ban mobile phones in school is to do with the social pressures of taking unwanted photos, and safeguarding.

Twitter and SEO.


After over a year of refusal, I have finally decided to join Twitter again. As a content creator, (and for the blog) I understand that to have more outreach, joining other social media outlets helps. However, I will ensure that this blog remains authentic to us as a family with the content.

SEO is going well. Likewise, my coding skills have even impressed me. Furthermore, I receive emails periodically SEMrush, which recently said “keep it up”, well, meaning the good work.  

My blog is still a hobby, but I also acknowledge the responsibility (and need) of blogging, and writing content about topics on disability, being autistic, rare conditions, and intersectionality. 

Dyslexic Blogger.

Dyslexic Blogger.

Over the years, I have typed a few blogs about being dyslexic and finding out at university. Now, I do not know if this is a generational thing, but depending on what job I have applied for in the past, I may not have disclosed that I am dyslexic. Likewise, as a content creator, I was unsure how this would be perceived, considering that one of my future goals is to write a book. However, I am very open to declaring that I am a dyslexic blogger because I see the value in every part of me. Additionally, I credit being dyslexic to my successes in life, even though it takes me longer to process information. I approach tasks differently, and there is nothing wrong with that. It makes me, me.

To Conclude.

In the words of randomness:

  • Raisins in cookies are suspicious.
  • Loungewear is one of the greatest inventions.
  • One random act of kindness at a time.