Random Blog Three


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As the rain poured down this morning and I was driving back home from the school run, I found myself sat at a standstill in traffic. The rain came down heavily, and Stand by Me by Ben E King started playing on the radio. Of course, I couldn’t help but sing along as it is a classic tune.

It was as if the song, and heavy rain, was a metaphor for my life at present. I also thought to myself; (while watching the rain come down) that my dad (a gardener) would be looking outside from his home window at the rain, thinking, this will be good for the garden.

A random intro, but that is what first came to mind.


So, as we soon will be entering October, my thoughts (looking back) on September are, what a random month (hence why here’s another random blog) and what is going on in the world?

It is almost as if we are in a time loop (why Loki) with outdated theories and ideas cropping up from nowhere. (Like crop circles).

I haven’t got the energy anymore to entertain a load of rubbish and am focusing my energy on where it is, needed.

The Father.

My partner and I watched The Father at the weekend, leading us both to tears. I don’t want to give anything away as it will ruin the experience of the film, but what I will say is that it is cleverly put together and well thought out.

My Birthday.

Another year, another birthday where I turned 21 plus VAT plus +the kitchen sink. So, I decided to get my haircut for my birthday, where staff complimented me on how healthy my hair was.

Sitting down in that chair was the longest I have had to look at myself in the mirror because there’s nowhere else really to look. I started thinking to myself, wow, you look tired. My hair is much manageable now, so I’m happy.

With me, I either like quirky presents or practical presents. Therefore, my partner decided to get me both. A new frying pan, as I like any kitchenware and a golden monkey lamp.

To Conclude.

In the words of randomness:

  • I want to make banana bread ice cream.
  • People stockpiling on toilet roll, now petrol, what’s next?
  • Magic doesn’t work on emails. I tried, but my emails haven’t disappeared.

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