Random Blog One

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Yay, my first random blog. (I am so excited!). In the essence of staying true to myself, I am making a point to write about anything. I am, fed up with all the rules of how I should write on my blog.

Let’s get more into the discussion.

Content Creator Frustration.

When I started blogging, I saw myself as a content creator, not a salesperson. (this is still true in the present time). It can be frustrating as an independent blogger when all you want to do is write content, but it doesn’t get seen because we are going up against large businesses that host blogs on their websites, which have more probability to rank higher.

As a content creator myself, I do not base my judgement on if a blog has good quality content on the numbers of views and followers. Some of the best content that I have read are from blogs with a moderate amount of following. It is unfair but is part of the blogger’s life. (Hashtag: Support independent bloggers).

Long Term Marriage.

In my first year as a blogger, I rebelled against the sales side of blogging, as my love of doing this is writing valuable content that is useful to people. Midway, I realised that not investing in SEO strategies meant it would be impossible for my blog (which is managed solely by me) to gain any traction.

It’s a bit like being in a long-term marriage. You are in it for the long haul. However, have to compromise at some point along the way.

So, I have invested more time into internally linking, especially to my older blogs. The blogs complemented each other naturally by the way I write’ however, I am now adding the links to optimise my content. Additionally, I have added meta descriptions, which gives people a summary of what each blog post is about when finding my blog on search engines.

It’s How I Like My Tea.

I understand that initially, the algorithm may conclude that my blog is an autism blog. So, what do I go and do to confuse it? I start writing blogs about art. The robots are thinking, is this an autism blog or an art blog? My response to that is that I write about life, our life. I like routine with the occasional spontaneity. I’m a complex individual, and life is random and unpredictable. One minute, we are outdoors having fun the next minute, we are in a pandemic.

I’ll use the example of sometimes I like sugar in my tea; sometimes I put honey in it. In contrast, if I’m feeling more adventurous, I’ll have a bourbon biscuit with it. (not with tea, it should go with coffee, I hear you say).


Before you know it, we will have AI (artificial intelligence) influencers as competition. Luckily, I don’t see myself as an influencer, just a neurodivergent mother who writes content. The world seems to be going more towards the AI route. The next thing you know, we will have robot teachers.

Website Accessibility.

An integral part of my work is highlighting accessibility, and I cannot blog about this without looking at my blog. I feel that I can always do more to improve my website accessibility. So, I am always interested in suggestions on improving people’s experiences.

I have an installed WordPress Accessibility plugin, and I have been working on improving my layout. I have been adding more descriptions to my images and improving the uploading speed of my blogs. Furthermore, I have audio transcripts, as reading a lot of text can be overwhelming to some people. (me included).

What is new? I have added a table of contents to the top of each post. (along with an estimated time it’ll take to read each post).

By no means is my blog perfect, but I am continually working on its accessibility.

No Holiday.

Firstly, as you may already know, I posted a series blog: Blast from The Past. As I am going to emphasise again, these are from past experiences. We have not been going out and about as we are in lockdown. Apart from taking my son to school, I am at home. Because of this, I don’t enjoy writing about the same things repeatedly. (it’s a bit like Groundhog Day). So, I decided (from looking through photo albums) to write about a few past experiences. Additionally, when lockdown eases, we will not be going on holiday.

It’s a Hobby.

I’d also like to highlight that my blog is a hobby, and I pay for my son’s products (which he needs, it is not just for show) and our days out. My son has only received one complimentary art session after I wrote a blog (which was unexpected). Additionally, my partner paid for our weekend away to Bath, but apart from that, I pay for everything. If in future this changes, I will always do a disclaimer highlighting this. Again, this is my personal choice, and this is not against anyone who does the opposite. I understand that people need to make money, and it is their blog, therefore their prerogative of what they choose to do.

Our days out is what we do anyway as a family, attending autistic events/ SEN session. Although, if I see an accessible feature; or find out information that may be useful; and is of value to anyone in our community, of course, I am going to share that. (I’m not going to keep it a secret).

Finally, if in the future we decide to make money from this blog, then it would be my son, and I creating artwork and accessories (or something creative) to help build a financial future for my son.

To Conclude.

In the words of randomness:

  • Assumptions and opinions are not facts.
  • There is room for everyone to succeed. 
  • Be Kind.
  • Blog On.

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