Part Four: Hampton Court Palace


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In 2018, Myself (designated driver), my son and partner drove to Hampton Court Palace for their Food Festival. We strategically booked tickets to attend the last day of the event, which was on a Sunday. (The last day of the festival, hence not as busy). From our personal experiences of events and festivals, we find the first few days busy, as there is a lot of hype around the event. Thus, the perfect time for us to go is towards the end.

England in Tudor Times.

Anyone who loves the Tudor period will already know a lot about Hampton Court. Likewise, my partner has always enjoyed going to historical places. Furthermore, it was his idea for us to attend. He had my attention when he mentioned the food festival. So, I thought straight away, yes, let’s go. 

Below is a photo of me outside the entrance:

hampton court palace
Me at Hampton Court Palace.

Tudor Kitchen and Cellar.

Here is a photo of a Tudor kitchen at Hampton Court Palace and my son by a fireplace. Additionally, I took a picture of my son and partner posing in the wine cellar, next to the barrels.

Royal Paintings and Ceiling Murals.

First of all, there were plenty of paintings to admire in the art galleries. (including two paintings of King Henry VIII).

Moreover, we were fascinated by the ceiling mural in the Queen’s Drawing Room.

ceiling mural in the queens drawing
A ceiling mural in the queen’s drawing room.

Magic Garden.

magic garden hampton court
Magic Garden Hampton Court.

Looking at Hampton Court Palace website, they have hosted quiet sessions for autistic people (pre-lockdown) in the Magic Garden and offer a guide for parents/carers and autistic people.

Role Play Actors at Hampton Court.

There were actors dressed up in Tudor costumes all around Hampton Court, reacting history. (here they are rocking the costumes with a Tudor stance).

What Stood Out?

When we visit anywhere, my son likes to look out for any unique items or objects. Thus, at the Palace, he spotted a flower vase and asked me to take a photo of him standing in front of it.

flower vase, unique flower vase, flower vase at hampton court
Unique Flower Vase.

What stood out for all of us, collectively, was The Chocolate Kitchen. Can you imagine having a room dedicated solely to making hot chocolate? (I have never seen anything like it). Furthermore, if, like me, you are a fan of chocolate, then here’s a link to a chocolate related blog when we visited Cadbury World.

Lastly, we ended our day at Hampton Court by looking around the Court Gardens and eating smoked hotdogs at the food festival.

What historical places have you visited in the past? What is your favourite historical period?

Series Conclusion.

Well, we have come to the end of my Blast From The Past Series. I have to say that I found writing about our fond memories enjoyable and therapeutic. Here’s to many more happy memories!

Disclaimer: This post is for information and entertainment purposes; and personal experience. All external links are for information purposes only. The day out mentioned in the blog is on past experiences. (before lockdown) The attraction mentioned in this blog is temporarily closed due to lockdown and in line with the government’s guidance. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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