Paint Pouring

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My son wanted to try a different art technique, so I decided to introduce him to fluid painting, which is a form of abstract art. You pour paint onto canvas and tilt away. It is messy, but so much fun to do at home!

My son used:

  • Acrylic paints.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Canvases.
  • Pouring medium.
  • Silicone oil.
  • Plastic cups.
  • Funnel.
  • Stirring sticks.
  • Liquid art panel.

He experimented with the mixing ratios to figure out the right consistency to pour the liquid paint. (it is all part of the fun) It is a case of trial and error when mixing the acrylic paint and pouring medium together. The pouring medium helps thin the paint, used for liquid art.

Green Red Fire.

Green Red Fire.

For this art piece, my son created a swirling motion, flickering paint onto the canvas with a paint brush. He also used a stirring stick to create fire like patterns.

paint pouring
flicked paint onto the canvas using a paint brush.


fluid painting

He flickered and poured pink rose paint and purple paint on top of the blue and green colours, which he made from different shades of blue and green colour palettes.

The Tropics.

fluid-art, paint-pouring
The Tropics.

My son selected warm tropical colours to pour onto the canvas using a funnel. He then flickered on yellow paint followed by pouring a mixture of greens.

Lemon and Lime.

Lemon and Lime.

I painted the canvas purple for my son and left it to dry. My son poured green acrylic paint in a pattern on top of the canvas, followed by pouring the yellow colour in a similar pattern.

He then tilted the paint to cover all the canvas, creating a marble effect.

Black and White Swirls.

Black and White Swirls.

He painted the canvas in black colour first then dry, followed by squeezing black paint (with silicone oil) into one cup, and white paint into another cup.

Next, he poured the black paint into an empty cup and then poured white on top of each other and continued this motion. He poured the mixture onto the canvas and tilted away. The silicone oil helped cells to form, which is visually appealing. A great technique for fluid painting.

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