Own Identity

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My Son’s Identity.

Having your own identity in life is incredibly important. At times I stop myself and reflect on my approach with my son. (More so now as he is getting older).

I don’t want to subconsciously restrict him because of my natural worries as a parent. So, I always try my best to get that balance right of helping him without hindering his independent growth.

He is a 10-year-old child who is trying to figure himself out, and I highly respect him.


mens bracelets, bracelets
Men’s bracelets.

One way of having your own identity is through fashion. I used to order a lot of my son’s clothes online, but now, he is keen on going out clothes shopping.

Clothes Shopping.

Before the summer holidays, I took him out on a clothes shopping trip solely for him. It was a windy day, so we were lucky that the shops were not busy. He enjoyed the experience, so now I want to make this a regular thing. My only concern is how busy shopping centres can be, but we are figuring out better times and days to go clothes shopping. Lastly, his fashion style is a modern urban rock look.


screen printing
screen printing.

My son has shown excellent skills in art and design. He has naturally explored different art styles and has found his artist identity through his vision.

Explore Printmaking.

At the moment he has asked to explore printmaking as he wants to transfer his designs onto t-shirts. So, at some point, I will help him learn about screen printing and other printing methods. I will also teach him about artists that have used printmaking for their artwork.


The Colosseum.

Firslty, my son has been learning about his Italian heritage and has mentioned that he would like to visit Rome to see the Colosseum. He is a quarter Italian and a quarter Sicilian, to be more precise. This Christmas we will be incorporating a lot of Italian traditions into our festivities.

America and Japan.

He has said that he would like to visit Japan for the food and America also for the food. I haven’t done a post yet on my son’s food preferences, but I will. (Some of his food choices are unique).

My son hasn’t mentioned what state in America he wants to visit though. Although, he does watch American shows at home, so is into using some American words at the moment. Furthermore, he has been calling me mom and calling sweets candy. One American word that he has always used from a young age is “couch”. He refuses to call it a sofa.


Once, my son has been on an aeroplane, and he did not cope well at all; although, he was very young when he went on a plane. So, I am confident that next time he will be ok with flying because now you have the sunflower lanyard and additional support and training at airports compared to when we last flew abroad.

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