October Self-Check-Up


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The Past Months.



As a self check up, these past few months have been pretty difficult for me, which has affected my emotional state of mind. When I say that I am feeling anxious, I am openly talking about my mental health and not writing about it for the sake of it. In my circumstance, I have been clinically referred and assessed for this. I feel that there is a long way to go to remove the stigma of having an honest conversation about mental health.


Stressful situations can trigger me and cause me to feel emotional trauma from past events that are linked. I am in the process of finding the right therapy for me, where I can discuss more in-depth the reasons behind why I feel anxious.

Although these months have been difficult, I am finding things to look forward to, such as my son and I designing a mini art studio and us getting activities ready for Halloween.

New Hobby.

Back in July, when I did a self-check-up blog, I wanted to learn how to style my hair in different ways. I have not had the chance to do this and have resorted to tying my hair back, as it is easier to manage. Although this is something that I still want to learn more about and try and have a new hairstyle, maybe next year.

In August we did a lot of walking outdoors, but unfortunately, this deteriorated in mid-September. I am not feeling healthy at the moment but am focused on making sure I take, the steps to improve my health.

Self Check Up.

Here is my October self-check-up:

Three things that made me feel happy:

  1. Creating an indoor camping theme back in August.
  2. Having a Hawaiian themed celebration with my partner and son for my birthday.
  3. Having emotional support from my parents by phone.

Three things that I am good at:

  1. Poetry.
  2. Arts and Crafts.
  3. Cooking.

What would I like to improve in my life?

To feel healthy by exercising more and also dedicating more time (when I can) to myself.

Name a place I enjoyed visiting last month:

Standing by the Canal.

We have not really been to many places, so, I would say our walk by the canal at the Cosgrove in Milton Keynes.

One new skill I would like to learn:

To write my own book.

One positive word.


My strengths.

Being creative and good at problem-solving.

My weaknesses.

Taking on too much work.

How can I be healthier?

Having a holistic approach to being healthy and reviewing, regularly what I want to achieve in terms of my mental, social, and physical health.

What do I look for in a friend?

Someone who can make me laugh.

How can I be more resourceful?

Reusing resources that we already have in our cupboards and batch cooking and freezing our dinners.

What are your hobbies?

Listen to soul music, writing poetry, and painting.

Me Time Activities.

I have not had a lot of ‘me-time’, but when I have, it has been having a bath full of bubbles and bath products and watching a movie at the end of the night.