New Year’s Eve 2020


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New Year’s Eve Poetry.

So where do I start on New Year’s Eve? I must admit,

2020 has been pretty….exhausting.

Stuck in an emotional vortex for nearly a year,

Amid pressure, uncertainty, and fear.

Attending a SEND tribunal hearing, and socially distancing from people,

Overcoming unnecessary barriers to ensure my son is treated, as an equal.

Finding inner strength when feeling broken, stressed out and vulnerable,

Ensuring he has a fair chance to achieve his goals.

By no means has this year been a paragon,

At times, it has felt more like a marathon.

From shielding, three monthly wellbeing check-ups, feeling optimistic to sad,

It is easy to overlook the good times; not all experiences have been bad.

We’ve enjoyed our walking ventures, indoor beach, camping, and making Jonny 5,

Regaining some energy, our spirits have been revived.

For 2021, we have plenty of creative fun in-store,

This year, we have experienced a lot of drama, so we don’t want any more.

Thank you to the kind people, the Samaritans out there,

Who have morals and passion, and genuinely care.

2020, it has been nice knowing you, but I bid you adieu.

No offence but I can’t wait to see the back of you.

With gratitude and hope, whatever the future holds.

Take time day by day, while watching events unfold.

With love and care, well wishes to all.

Capture the present moments, no matter how small.

As 2020 passes on the baton to 2021,

“It’s your turn now, my friend, take care of everyone.”

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