New Year 2021


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New year, same me but with a little more sass. Last year I was way too stressed, and even though circumstances in the outside environment are still out of my control, I am determined this year to make mine and my son’s time at home light-hearted. I shall try and shift any anxious energy into my creative zone.

I do not want to transform into the unrecognisable person I was towards the end of last year.

It appears I have now regained my confidence and essence of being unapologetically myself, and I do not want to lose that again.

5 Ideas for 2021.

So, I have decided to make a list of my top 5 things to do in 2021 during these strange times:

1 Feng Shui My Home.

Feng Shui at home.

Spending a lot more time indoors (lately) has made me take more notice of my home environment. At times, I have felt a bit closed in, so my son and I moved a few items around.

Feng Shui works well for my son as he likes everything in our home to be tidy and balanced. Contrary to this, the only exception is DVDs where he prefers the sets to be in trilogies. Otherwise, we have a few identical items in our living room. For example, we have a small sofa on the left-hand side of the room and another on the right. We also have a slim DVD storage tower on the left-hand side of the room and the same DVD tower on the right.

This year we are focusing on having clutter-free rooms and creating more open space. I will be researching in more detail the positioning of furniture when it comes to Feng Shui.

We want to make most of our indoor environment to ensure we create a positive flow, of energy throughout the rooms.  

2 Cake Decorating.

cake decorating, cake decorating equipment
Cake Decorating.

It has been a while since I have baked a cake and decorated it; therefore, I want to revisit cake decorating as it is a hobby that gives me great delight.

The cake decorating supplies are all in our baking cupboard, sitting there ready to be used again.  

My son will be joining me and learning how to use modelling paste to create decorations. I cannot wait to show him how to create a few designs.

You can refer to my Wellbeing and Mindfulness blog to look at some of the sugarcraft decorations I created.

3 Learn a New Skill.


I know that learning a new skill in January sounds a bit cliché, but it is a great idea to do for the start of a new year.

E-learning is easily accessible at home so I could enrol onto a new course. There are other ideas, such as learn a new language or photography. I, however, may opt for something random, something that I would never think of doing.

For now, I will be looking online for a new skill to learn, to bring a bit of excitement to this year.

Here is a link to an external blog on 10 New Skills to Learn for 2021.

4 Bucket List.

pencil and notepad for writing a bucket list.

Well, a travel bucket list is way out of the question, but there are other categories to explore. My son wants to create a games bucket list.

There are bucket lists that focus on personal development, movies to watch, relationships and health.

It will be great to list realistic ideas that can be achieved at home and to prevent any boredom.

These bucket lists will keep us entertained.

5 Fitness.

fitness, exercise equipment

As I will be baking more cakes this year, I will be increasing the amount of working out I’ll be doing.

Gone were the days (years ago) when I jogged outdoors, but the previous months had me feeling lethargic.

It is so easy to spend a lot of time on the sofa being at home more often. (especially during the colder months) So, my son and I will be stretching and moving around more to keep fit and warm.  

We have an adjustable fitness stepper to use indoors, and my son can use the resistance bands, which helps with proprioceptive input. There is a twist board to help improve balance.

I have a couple of workout DVDs too, including Yoga workout and step aerobics.

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