New Projects

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I love the creative side of content writing and am always inspired by my son’s real-life experiences. I’m continually thinking of ideas and new ways to help improve his life.

There’s a lot of topics that I want to write about and am eager to express my opinions on.

So, let me explain a little more:



A personal area of interest of mine is design. With an A level in Design Technology, I have experience of coming up with new concepts, designing, developing and evaluating products. I have also written a few assignments on the design of the working environment as part of my degree, but more specifically related to food environments.

When I visit a new place with my son, I analyse the design of the building and its layout. A lot of my posts on our days out, I discuss the finer details that may be beneficial to someone who is autistic or has a disability.

I want to write about sensory maps and explore how businesses can make accommodations for autistic people, creating a more inclusive working environment. This may include conducting a few interviews.

The design of an environment is very essential when it comes to someone who has sensory sensitivities. Furthermore, design includes looking at the safety requirements and the impact on health, including assessing if an environment can cause stress.

Depending on the layout of a room, size and building components, when we speak, sound waves bounce off the walls. Sometimes the vibrations create echoes and sound can then become distorted to someone with sensory dysfunction. This can be one factor that causes someone distress when being in busy environments.

When looking at universal services, they are offering their product/service on a macro level so therefore need to ensure that it is accessible to all.

Product Reviews.

product reviews.

An important rule of design is that aesthetics must not exceed function. With this in mind, I will be reviewing products as part of a new project for my blog. I will be reviewing products that we actually use, not random products that have no relevance to us.

You will get a chance to understand my thought process, what I am looking for, and how the product fulfils my son’s needs. I will also identify the product’s strengths, any limitations of use, and where improvements can be made.

At some point, I will be writing content on product marketing. I will be looking at what defines a specialist product and products that are marketed towards early years age group, however, can also be beneficial to someone with neurodevelopmental difficulties/developmental disabilities. I have plenty of opinions on this area and will share this with you in due course.



As well as writing content, I do a lot of research. I feel that there are a couple of topics in the media that have not been looked at more in depth when it comes to autism.

I don’t want to give too much away at the moment, but I am looking into them. I’ll call these my long-term research projects as they will require a lot of research and time. It’s just figuring out where to start.