Mum and Dad


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This post is based on personal experience.

Trigger Warning: The contents in the post may be emotionally triggering to some readers.

Dear Mum and Dad; THANK YOU for believing in me.

Chapter One: The Beginning.

Remember all the times I was TURNED DOWN and told, no?

That day they tried to suspend me from school?

Seeing the behaviour, but not finding out the CAUSE.

That day I had enough and refused to go back?

I was being bullied and had ENOUGH.

Being laughed at by managers and interviewers,

When I was being MYSELF.

So used to being TURNED AWAY.

Chapter Two: Roots.

I climbed up the mountain while others walked on a smooth PATH with ease.

The world didn’t get me, but at least you both, TOGETHER, got me.

When I “should” have been a last choice for the American internship,

But to specify, I was their first CHOICE.

You saw the STRENGH in me even when I couldn’t see.

You told me yes, I CAN, even when there was uncertainty.

I was that rose that grew, despite not being given much water nor light from the outer environment to GROW.

But, my home, my ROOTS, made sure that through all the weathering, I did not fall.

So, from one rose to another, dear parents, I’m sending you FLOWERS.

Chapter Three: Access.

I succeeded, but not truly, not AUTHENTICALLY, in my way. It depends on which lens you look at it.

The hurt, PAIN, and hurdles; I had to overcome to get my degree.

The irony is that one of the “things” I am proud of achieving is now the BARRIER to me accessing support.

This is not a shopping list of wants. It’s a necessity of NEEDS.

As I walked across that stage to receive my degree, I held my head up high with PRIDE.

But I was left feeling disheartened, knowing not all celebrated with me.

At what lengths must we struggle to achieve “MAINSTREAM” success?

Instead of climbing mountains, why not create ACCESS and EQUITY?

See, my roots kept me up, but the damage from the lack of WATER and LIGHT has taken its toll.

NURTURE, my healer.

CARE, Respect, Security, Understanding, and Kindness.

But, there is an UNDERSTANDING and realisation that, others still need more time to grow.

Black and white thinkers, they say. I’d say our PERSPECTIVE is more colourful than you know.

Instead of ostracising difference, learn from it to help EVERYONE grow.

What a real DIFFERENCE; difference makes.

A UNIQUE take on the world.

Conclusion: Rebirth.

Thank you; to the WISE, who showed me not to strive for perfection but to strive to be me. It has helped me SNAP back up when I have been too hard on myself.

Thank you to my secondary school Food Technology TEACHER. (The one who saw what other teachers couldn’t SEE in ME). Teachers can make a difference. It paved a path for my choice in degree and opened my mind up to more POSSIBILITIES than I thought I could ACHIEVE.

Thank you to my BROTHER. You are a hard worker. Although you are busy, you always make time for me, and have my back. The support is APPRECIATED.

Thank you to my BOYFRIEND who ACCEPTS me as I am. Everyday is exciting as you never know with me what to expect. Even after four years, our relationship still feels like it’s new.

Thank you, dear PARENTS, for allowing me to be a kid when I was a KID. I am who I am today because of you.

LIFE is tough, so children need to play, get messy, and make mistakes. It is how they LEARN.

As I write this, I know that there are few grammatical errors; and spelling mistakes. But, that is ok. This has always been pointed out to me most of my life.

I have spent too many years masking, so I have made the CHOICE to live the latter years of my life being, authentically ME.

To be continued:

The next blog will be solely dedicated to my son. A letter from me to him.

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