Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf


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Located in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire is an adventure golf course called Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf. Additionally, the golf course consists of 18 holes, and the best part is that it is pirate-themed.

pirate golf-milton-keynes
Me at Pirate Golf Milton Keynes.

Mum and Son Day.

golf-course, golf, adventure-golf
Golf Course.

My son and I visited here numerous times before but decided to visit again this summer. My partner has come here once with us as well. However, we wanted a mum and son day.

We did not jot down the score going around the course because we wanted it to be a fun experience and spending time together.

The Setting.

What’s great about the pirate adventure golf course is that there’s plenty of calming water features and waterfalls. Additionally, this makes for a beautiful setting. There’s a waterfall where you can see and hear the water running down the rocks as you putt.

We arrived early, so there was only us and one other family playing on the course. Additionally, making a great experience because there were no waiting times to move onto the next hole.

The Experience.

Pirate Ship.

glow-in-the-dark, pirate-golf
Glow in the Dark.

On the first and second holes, we entered a pirate ship, where we started below deck. The use of luminous paint inside the pirate ship made the setting’s features pop out more. Furthermore, it gave a glow in the dark effect.

For the second hole, we went up on deck, where we meet a pirate mannequin. (The days where my son used to be afraid of mascots, mannequins and dummies are honestly gone).


pirate, pirate-golf
Pirate Sitting on a Bench.

As we walked around the corner to continue with the course, there were pirate-themed features all around. So, my son loved having his photo taken on the bench with one of the fake pirates. He also noticed two pirates with swords ahead fighting. (Not for real, just as a set).

pirate-golf-milton-keynes, mr-mulligans-pirate-golf, adventure-golf
Pirates Setting at Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf.

Rafts and Tunnel.

raft, pirate-golf

The pirate golf course in Milton Keynes has two rafts where you walk onboard and pull yourself along. Moreover, as well as playing golf and putting the ball, there are interactive features too. It made us imagine that we were lost at sea and needed to use the raft to make it back safe to land.

On one of the holes, there is a tunnel where you putt the ball through. My son also likes to have his photo taken here.

adventure-golf, golf
Through the Tunnel.

All in all, with my son getting older, it is getting more challenging to find activities that we can do together as a mother and son. Adventure golf is one activity that we both enjoy, and my son is always happy to come back here at Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf.

Next on our Tour de Buckinghamshire is our days out at Campbell Park.

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