Making A Masterpiece Out of Scrap Part One

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Scrap Art.

I recently visited the Scrapstore in Milton Keynes to gather some art and craft material for the holidays. Additionally, to gain full access to the Scrapstore, you have to be a member of the Milton Keynes Play Association (MKPA).

Milton Keynes Play Association.

MKPA offers a service for play, training and resources. Likewise, there are lots of benefits to becoming a member including equipment hire, discounted rates for the shop and training courses, tailored practical lesson support and much more!

Arts and Crafts.

Firstly, one side of the store is a craft shop with individually priced items. On the other hand, the opposite side is the Scrapstore. Furthermore, at this Scrapstore play service, you have a choice of a large or small shopping trolley. Thus, I opted for the small trolley. Ready, steady and off I went around the Scrapstore. I didn’t manage to fill it up to the top, but I did get quite a bit.

shopping at the scrapstore, scrapstore
Shopping at the Scrapstore.

Recycled Material.

I picked up a few recycled material, including a notepad, some loose fabric and bags of material. Additionally we bought a few pieces of wood, plastic bits and acrylic paint.

I also found this doll, which sparked an idea.

Initially, it all depends on how much you fill up your trolley with, but the scraps that I picked up cost me £8 altogether.

Doll vs Dummy.

Firstly, the idea for the doll, who is Little Miss Muffet, is that she will be getting a makeover. Secondly, I thought that my son and I could transform her into Slappy The Dummy.

I can show my son how to create patterns for the clothes and to design the suit. Miss Muffet will be getting her hair dyed and cut too.

little miss muffet doll
Little Miss Muffet.

On the way back home, Little Miss Muffet sat… in front of the car with me. When I picked my son up from school, and he saw the doll, he did jump at the sight of her and said that she was “freaky”.

Now let’s compare Slappy the Dummy with Little Miss Muffet.

little miss muffet with slappy the dummy, slappy the dummy, little miss muffet
Slappy the Dummy and Little Miss Muffet.

I think it’s the eyes maybe. I’ll see how it goes. We might have to abort this project and use the rest of the material to create another masterpiece. That’s the beauty about art, you get to explore new ideas, and we may end up with a creation far from this original idea.

I shall keep you updated on this project in part two.

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