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Note: We visited Lost World Golf earlier on in the year.

Earlier this year, we drove to Stevenage Leisure Park; to go to Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf.

When my son, partner and I went to Lost World Golf, there was a one-way system in place and a sign saying: “please wait until the next hole is free, thank you.” (Creating distance between each group).

There was also a T Rex head decoration coming out of the wall near the entrance.

T Rex Head.

Indoor Golf Course.

We pre-booked to play both golf courses: Ocean Adventures and Jungle Explorers. Moreover, as we queued up to get our golf clubs and ball, my son asked for a red golf ball. However, our first golf course (Ocean Adventures) required specific golf balls that glowed up in the dark.

So, the customer service cashier said that she would remember that he chose the red golf ball for the next course.

Ocean Adventures.

lost-world-oceans-adventures, oceans-adventures, lost-world-golf, mulligans-lost-world-golf.
Ocean Adventures.

My son always has fun playing adventure golf, like when we visited Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf in Milton Keynes.

So, we started playing golf, and my son noticed the décor around the Ocean Adventures course.

golf, playing-golf, lost-world-golf
Playing Golf.

He then asked me to take a photo of the jellyfish on the wall as he liked it.

jellyfish, oceans-adventures

Next, we entered another room, which was a continuation of the golf course. In this room, the golf balls glowed up.

glow-in-the-dark-golf-ball, glow-in-the-dark, golf-ball
Glow in the Dark Golf Ball.

The luminous paintings on the wall, including fish, were distinct. There was also a hand sanitiser station on the wall, with a bright arrow pointing down.

As we moved along the course, my son noticed the Shark decoration overhanging on the wall.

overhanging-shark, shark
Overhanging Shark.

At the end of the Ocean Adventures course, there was a poster photo of a shark with sharp teeth.

Jungle Explorers.

jungle-explorers, jungle-explorers-lost-world, indoor-golf-course, mulligans-lost-world-golf
Jungles Explorers.

Firstly, as we went back to the reception to pick up our golf balls for the next course, my son was given a red golf ball. (Yay! The cashier remembered). What fantastic customer service!

red-golf-ball, golf, lost-world-golf, jungle-explorer
Red Golf Ball.

Each golf hole around the course complemented the jungle theme, with wooden features and artificial trees.

jungle-explorers-golf-course, golf-course, indoor-golf, mulligans-lost-world-golf, lost-world
Jungle Explorers Golf Course.

Lastly, there were Dinosaurs placed around the Jungle Explorers course.

dinosaur, jungle-explorer

Additional Information:

Please note that the golf courses are not on the ground floor of the building, and there are steps to go up. Although, there is also a lift available. The Accessible website provides more detail about the accessibility of Lost World Golf.

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