Life and Wellbeing


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Wellbeing Update.

Walking outdoors.

The last wellbeing check-up I posted was back in February, so it has been a while. Besides, I do not know how I am feeling lately. The pandemic experience has thrown my life off in another direction, including work aspirations. Before the “Covid era” (pandemic), I was entertaining the idea of going back to work in the hotel industry. I even went to London for a networking event.

I must look for something that fits into our family life, parenting responsibilities, and my son’s needs. At the moment, I am, needing more time with myself to figure it all out.

I cannot stay in my comfort zone forever, but I want to work out my life slowly and carefully.

Growing Up and Change.


My son is doing well, considering all the changes happening all around him. Although, I am regularly checking in with how he is feeling.

He has a new routine of taking rapid lateral flow tests twice weekly, the addition of Occupational Therapy sessions (to start soon) and Speech and Language Therapy intervention sessions. School assessments will be commencing soon too. On top of this, his dad’s working hours and shift patterns now vary. So, we are trying to keep to a routine as much as possible. Likewise, I explained to our son some of the changes in advance. (which I knew about) So, my son expected those changes to happen, thus reducing any anxiety or element of surprise.

My son is settled at school, happy, and enjoys socialising at school. Well, as much as he can within group bubbles and socially distancing rules. It is indeed strange times, but he is making it work for him.

I am more selective of what I post about him, giving him that space being a pre-teen and have his privacy. Additionally, I always get his approval before posting any blog posts that focus on him. Lately, he wants me to post his artwork, so that is what I will post. Just because he is autistic, in reality, he does not talk about autism all the time. (I hope this makes sense).

Lastly, the following blogs will be product reviews, so once I stop procrastinating, I will finalise these reviews and publish them.