Let’s Take Flight: Shuttleworth


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Shuttleworth is located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. It is a museum that boasts an impressive collection of vintage aircraft and veteran vehicles. You can also visit the Swiss Garden in Bedfordshire, which adjacent to the museum. My son is fascinated by anything that has a mechanical element to it, so visiting here was a perfect choice.

An Aircraft Model.

Aircraft Hangars.

Firstly, the museum has 6 Hangars and I have created a visual checklist for anyone who wishes to visit Shuttleworth:

Engineering Elves Trail.

When we arrived, the museum was not busy, which made my son feel relaxed. Although the Christmas season is over, they provided my son with an: “Engineering Elves Trail”. He thoroughly enjoyed going around the hangars trying to find where the elves were hiding. This was also an excellent bonding activity for us.

Further, as we toured the museum, we saw several mannequins positioned around the hangars. In addition, one made me jump, which made my son chuckle.

mannequin at shuttleworth in bedfordshire
Mannequin at Shuttleworth.

The Garden.

Afterwards, we entered the Swiss Garden, which was unquestionably charming. Likewise, the garden hosted elegant architectural features, which included bridges, benches and a chapel.

Visiting Shuttleworth really made us both appreciate the careful precision and technique it takes to design and construct an vintage aircraft.

Gift Shop.

After looking at all the vintage aircraft, we ended our tour by visiting the gift shop, where my son purchased a 3D poster.

aircraft 3d poster
Aircraft 3D Poster .

If you enjoy looking at vintage aircraft and veteran vehicles, then Shuttleworth is the place to visit. Moreover, they host plenty of house events and air shows too. I recommend taking ear defenders just in case it gets a bit noisy outside.

Useful Information:

Accompanying carers get free admission on non-event days. In addition, children 15 and under have free entry to both the museum collection and the Gardens. (maximum 4 children per paying adult).

Disclaimer: The content in this blog is based on personal experience. I received no payment or any other compensation for this post.

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