Learning with Dominoes

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In this blog, I wanted to highlight how we use another approach to assist my son with learning using dominoes.

Classic Dominoes.

Classic Dominoes

My son loves any sequencing game where you have to match numbers, words, shapes, or images together. During the lockdown, he has thoroughly enjoyed playing dominoes with me nearly every day.

We went from playing dominoes to my son wanting to know if there were more games out there similar to this game. We looked on the internet and were able to find Mapominoes.

Game of Mapominoes.


Mapominoes is similar to Dominoes, but you use map cards instead. The idea of the game is to match the counties (for the UK pack), states (for the USA pack) or countries (for the Europe pack) that are connected by a common border.

We bought these three packs, although my son was quick to notice that there were other packs too. (When my son has fun while learning, I will always encourage that).

I was excited at how focused my son was while playing these learning games, that I decided to purchase two more Domino games: Time Dominoes and Money Dominoes.

Time Dominoes.

Time Dominoes.

With time dominoes, you have to match the time on the image of an analogue clock with the digital time. Likewise, my son lacks concept of time, so I have found time dominoes the most useful resource to help my son learn about time.

Money Dominoes.

Money Dominoes.

For money dominoes, you match the number value with the image of the UK coin on the card. Moreover, we always go back to using money dominoes to visually show my son the value of each coin. Furthermore, in the UK, our coins can be confusing to understand, as you have a £1.00 coin, which is smaller in size, but worth more value than a 2p coin, (which is larger in size). I mention this, as for some people, the visual representation compared with the value could be deemed illogical.

All in all, using dominoes games is a great for my son to engage with learning, as learning should always be fun. Dominoes learning may not be for everyone, but it works well for my son. (and it is entertaining and enjoyable too!).

Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experience and is to be used for information and educational purposes only. I paid for all the products mentioned in this post. This post is not sponsored.

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