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Towards the end of summer, my son and I headed over to Knebworth in Stevenage to visit the gardens. Furthermore, it was our first time visiting.


As I purchased our tickets, I got a carer to pass complimentary tickets (as I was accompanying my son). See their website details of the requirements to meet obtaining a carer pass. Additionally, a child’s ticket for the gardens cost £11.50. The purchased tickets excluded the house tour.



There were signs for the exit, pointing towards Knebworth House and Gardens and the Dinosaur Trail and Tea Room. Moreover, there was a long road to drive up towards Knebworth House and Gardens.

Next, as I was driving to Knebworth Gardens, we could see Knebworth House.

Knebworth House.

Knebworth Gardens.

knebworth-gardens, knebworth-house
Gardens at Knebworth.

Firstly, we had a choice to go the direct route around the gardens (which is more accessible) or the scenic garden route. Thus, we decided to go the direct route.

The AccessAble website has more detail on accessibility at Knebworth House, Park and Gardens.

Edwards Bulwer Lytton.

wooden-sculpture, knebworth
Son by Wooden Sculpture.

There was this magnificent wooden sculpture, which my son spotted, with the date 1490 on, and the name Edward Bulwer Lytton, a Victorian author. 

Rose Garden.

knebworth, knebworth-gardens
Walking Along Knebworth Gardens.

We both liked the Rose Garden, which somehow reminded me of the one in the novel Alice in Wonderland.

There were also statues and bushes ahead.

Unique Sculptures.

Unique wood carved sculptures were all around Knebworth Garden grounds, including one which looked like a girl looking down closely into her book, with her hair falling, covering her face.

wooden-sculpture, knebworth-gardens
Sculpture of a Girl Reading a Book.

The pair of Giraffe sculptures reminded me of the time we both visited Whipsnade Zoo for my partner’s birthday, and we watched the giraffes eat their food.

Giraffe Sculptures.


knebworth-maze, maze, knebworth-gardens
Knebworth Maze.

My son loves mazes. So, of course, he led the way around the maze to the exit with ease.

knebworth-maze, knebworth-gardens, maze
Son at Knebworth Maze.

Knebworth Dinosaur Trail.

t-rex, dinosaur, knebworth-dinosaur-trail
T Rex Dinosaur.

It felt like we had travelled back in time and entered the Prehistoric era on the Knebworth Dinosaur Trail. Likewise, we saw the Neanderthal people (Mannequins) and prehistoric wolves.

After, we had spotted dinosaurs, including a Triceratops and a T-Rex.

I liked there were boards next to the dinosaurs, showing how to break down and pronounce their names. (Tyrannosaurus Rex).

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts.

Additionally, there were educational elements on the Dinosaur Trail, including fun facts about each dinosaur and a dinosaur time clock.

dinosaur-time-clock, dinosaur, dinosaur-knebworth
Dinosaur Time Clock.

There was even a chalkboard where children could interact and create their drawings.


Lastly, my son liked the sound-box, where you could listen to eight dinosaur sounds.

Knebworth Dinosaurs Roar.

With the sound-box, my son selected a number. Then, he turned the dial for the sound to come out.

To Conclude.

At Knebworth Gardens.

Although we did not tour the house (as we had not planned to stay too long), we still enjoyed looking around the gardens only. The best part for my son was the maze, and for me, the unique wooden sculptures.

Day at Knebworth.

Next on our Tour de Hertfordshire is our visit to the Verulamium Museum.

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