July Self-Check-Up

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The Past Months.

I must say that I had a moment of feeling down, which is unlike me. If anything, I usually sway more towards the anxious side.

feeling unbalanced.

I was feeling fed up and unbalanced, but I managed to work through my feelings and get past it. See, I am a person who lives by my moral compass of working out what is right and wrong and live by those moral values. (This also means that situations can affect me more on an emotional level).

I am gradually feeling more myself again, and there are glimpses of the fun and silly person that I used to be. (I still am, but have been in hibernation for a while).

There have been good moments with our VE Day party, which cheered me up. (It is always good to have something to look forward to).

In my post, April check-up, for a new skill that I wanted to learn, I wanted to be able to speak more sentences in Italian. Well, I do know some basic sentences, but with my son’s schoolwork, I have been helping him with French. I guess instead of learning a new skill, I revisited an old one. I impressed myself for how much French I had remembered from decades ago.

Here is my July self-check-up:

Three things that made me feel happy.

  1. Fixing the toilet on my own, when it was making a horn noise, and not needing to call someone out.
  2. Freeing up some space at home.
  3. Having some time to exercise.

Three things that I am good at.

  1. Cooking.
  2. Crafts.
  3. DIY.

What would I like to improve in my life?

To acknowledge more when things go well and not being self-critical.

Name a place I enjoyed visiting last month.

At the end of June, we visited Woburn Safari Park. We went around the road safari part.

One new skill I would like to learn:

To style my hair in different ways.

One positive word.


My strengths.

Thinking outside the box and being organised.

My weaknesses.

Self-doubt and taking on too many tasks.

How can I be healthier?

Go to bed earlier, not staying up too late at night.

What do I look for in a friend?


How can I be more resourceful?

I can be more resourceful with my time by scheduling in time to relax, instead of overcramming my week full of activities.

What are your hobbies?

Cooking, art, and poetry.

Me Time Activities.

I have been writing more poetry the past months and taking time to look after my skin to replenish and revive it. I have also been listening to relaxing music while having warm baths full of bubbles.