Johnny 5

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We decided to embark on a Johnny 5 robot project (from the sci-fi box office movie Short Circuit). So, how did we come up with the idea to make Johnny 5?

…Let us start from the beginning.

WALL- E and Johnny 5.

After finishing some home learning, my son wanted to watch a movie. He chose WALL-E, which he has probably seen fifteen times or so.

He commented that WALL- E looked similar to Johnny 5. As soon as the movie finished, he wanted to watch the film Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 (of course). Short Circuit is an original film of the 80s. (For any Johnny 5 fans out there will know the film well).

I love that my son enjoys watching films from the eighties (he also likes Willow and The Goonies).

Short Circuit.

While watching Short Circuit, I randomly blurted out that it would be cool to recreate the robot out of cardboard. At the time, my son thought that this would be a good idea, so we left the conversation at that.

Cardboard Craft.

The following day as I was getting the cardboard out of the cupboard, our team project turned into a solo project. However, my son decided that he no longer wanted to make the robot as he was doing his own thing (creating a fidget toy). So, I started painting some of the cardboard silver and left it to dry.

silver paint on cardboard.

I kind of left this project as I thought that my son was no longer interested in creating Johnny 5. Oh no, he was adamant that I still created it for him.

Designing Johnny 5.

My son kindly watched me closely as I began drawing out and constructing the separate Johnny 5 robot parts for the robot. He guided me when he felt like my design was nothing like the image in the video.

Robot Parts.

The mistake I made was that I freestyled designed oppose to accurately measuring out each cardboard section of the robot. Why was this a mistake? Because, when assembling the cardboard parts, it made it difficult to distribute the weight.

In the end, my crafty mind figured out how I could support the weight for the longest part of the robot so that it would stand upright.

The Final Design.

Somehow, I managed to create something which kind of resembles Johnny 5.

johnny five
Cardboard Johnny 5.

Was cardboard Johnny five harder to make than I had first thought? Yes.

Did I think of where I was going to store the robot once I had made it? No.

Was my son pleased with the finished result? Yes.
Then, it was worth it.

Johnny 5
Johnny 5 form short circuit finished result.

Are you an 80s fan?

What Johnny 5 quotes can you remember from the movie?

What is your favourite eighties movie?

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