Indoor Camping

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We decided to create an indoor camping theme in our flat using a sensory den instead of a tent. (not to sleep in overnight, but for a fun activity to do).


fake fire flames
fake fire flames.

Using acrylic paint, my son painted three pieces of cardboard using different shades of brown. Once dry, he then folded these lengthways, connecting the ends with Sellotape.

To create the flames, he used red, orange, and yellow card, in addition to painting and cutting out the flames.

He then attached the flames onto the logs, once again using Sellotape, and completing my son’s campfire.

Camping Food.

Camping food.

What my son was looking forward to the most was making S’mores, which consists of toasted marshmallows and melting chocolate in between two pieces of crackers.

We made fruit kebabs using kiwi, watermelon, and grapes and ate Honeydew sweetcorn (hybrid) that my dad gave us from my parent’s garden.

Of course, we had to have traditional hotdogs, and used turkey burgers instead of beef, with a side of nachos.

hotdog, burger, nachos
Food for camping.

Camping Games.

making noughts and crosses
Camping Games.

Using a pencil and a ruler, I marked out the grid design for our noughts and crosses board onto a piece of cardboard. My son painted the board and created crosses out of cardboard. Additionally, it was his idea to use stones to represent noughts.

We played glow in the dark ring toss using glow sticks that came with connectors, which helped make them into rings. We threw the rings onto the football cones that we already had.


stargazing, led fairy lights

With LED fairy lights, we decorated around, and on top of the den, creating the illusion of stars.

fairy lights
Starry Night.

As we laid down, looking up inside the den with the lights on top made it feel like we were looking up into the sky stargazing at night.

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