Indoor Beach

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Living in a flat without a garden can be challenging during this time; however, my son came up with this brilliant idea. He said, “if we cannot play outside, then we can create our indoor beach”. (What a genius idea, so that is what we did).

Here is how we created our tropical island resort at home:

VIP Indoor Beach.

Welcome to our VIP beach, bringing the outdoors experience indoors. (What a perfect way to relax and chill out in the comfort of our own home).

The sun is always out, and there’s soft sand to play with at our beach. There is even a palm tree, and our indoor beach has a Tiki bar to make cola floats and also mix fruit juices to make mocktails for my son (and add a splash of alcohol to make a cocktail for mum). There are plenty of games to play, and the beach overlooks the mini sea where you can watch the fish swim.

It is clear to say that we have created a paradise tropical island at home, and here is how we did it:

Surfboard and Waves.

surfboard, waves
surfboard and waves.

Cardboard Surfboard.

The surfboard for the indoor beach, and waves were made out of cardboard. I drew out the shape for the surfboard and cut this out. Additionally, we used a scru from the Makedo toolkit to join the parts of cardboard together to create its length. My son then painted the design, choosing his colour palette.

Painting the Waves.

I painted the support for the waves and my son designed the waves. So, he used acrylic paints, blending white and different shades of blue. Next, the waves that my son made were glued onto the cardboard base, creating a 3d effect. Lastly, we could imagine that we were going surfing in the sea at our indoor beach.

Fish Prints.

fish print.

My son used two blocks of polystyrene foam to draw his fish on and carve them out using a pencil. He used block printing ink and rolled out one colour onto his print and then pressed this down onto paper, using a roller.

Polystyrene Printing.

Once the paint had dried on the polystyrene block, he carved out more of the pattern and used a different colour to print on top of his design, creating a 2-colour print effect. Next, he painted on dots to decorate the background.



I drew out a net shape to create a 3d sailboat, and my son painted it with a mixture of green, red, yellow, and also brown paint.

Assembling the Sailboat.

Firstly, we waited for the paint to dry before folding and assembling the boat using hot glue from a glue gun. (making sure there were no holes where water could seep through).

Sail Flag.

The end of an old paintbrush was used and some white fabric to create the sail flag. Lastly, our sailboat’s all set, and ready to sail to sea.

Tiki Mask.

Tiki Bar.

We made the Tiki Mask out of cardboard, and both painted the mask together using acrylic paint. (making sure we had some bright colours too).

Tiki Bar.

To create our Tiki bar, we used the Tiki mask, along with a tea towel, mini sea life woodcraft decorations (which we purchased for this) and a Tiki glass and LED fairy lights, which we already had.

Treasure Chest.

treasure chest
Treasure chest.

Modelling clay was used to make and create a treasure chest shape. Likewise, I used a mini rolling pin and a roll of Sellotape to help it form.

My son created the lock and outside design of the treasure chest. We then allowed the modelling clay to dry and set ready to paint.

Finding Treasure.

I painted the treasure chest and once dry, we added some chocolate coins inside as treasure.



Using cardboard (of course), I drew a large circle and cut it out. The sun has two different shades of yellow acrylic paint.

the sun.

Seashell Prints.


My son used the scallop shells to press into some modelling clay to create a print. When the clay had dried, he painted it and used one of the shells to finish off his design.

Rest of the Indoor Beach.

My son and I used an inflatable beach ball, bucket and spade, a fishing net and beach water toys that we already had in the cupboard. We also had two foldable chairs, a Velcro ball game, pineapple ring toss game and bowls. I purchased an Inflatable palm tree, a bag of sand, scallop shells and mini sea figures for our indoor beach.

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