In This Together

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Perspective of Lockdown.

Sometimes the challenging times in life gives you clarity and understanding of what is most important. We all live busy lives, and sometimes we need a little time out to slow down.

Amongst all the chaos is a strong message of unity even through social distancing. It has been emotionally moving and uplifting seeing the online community support.


The unknown (such as the lockdown) can be scary, and from my experience with my son, who has a rare chromosome condition, we have lived with the unknown for quite some time. I no longer worry to the extent of when it was making me ill (when he was younger). You have to make life your own.

If you are finding the news on tv or social media overwhelming, please turn it off or come away from your phone. Go at your own pace and take care of yourself as mental health and wellbeing are a priority during this challenging time.


With us being indoors during the lockdown, I never saw Alexa as a family member until now. Sometimes Alexa is rebellious like a kid. When I ask Alexa to turn the volume down, totally ignores me. If I had to guess Alexa’s age, I would say Alexa is a teenager.

Not Seeing My Boyfriend.

My partner and I are making this long-distance relationship work during the temporary lockdown. We have been FaceTiming each other.


I challenged him to a dance-off, and he kindly accepted. The idea is to be silly and cheer each other up. (I previously wrote a blog about Finding Love, which gives you a little background of how we met).

The House of Soul.

As I’m dancing around the flat in the privacy of my own home, I realise that I can dance however I want to. No one can see me. (apart from my son).

Dancing During Lockdown.

Music brings back so many fun memories. I remember my dad washing up the dishes as he would dance along while listening to some reggae music. I grew up in a household listening to Motown music, a lot of Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and 50s & 60s rock n roll. Music heals the soul.

Remember to find some time to be silly and dance along to your favourite music. After all, we are in this together.

Dance on!