Finding My Identity.

Out of my comfort zone, giving me lots of anxiety,

I’m trying to extend my comfort zone, so please be patient with me.

The enigma of this person, can you cypher them out?

What was the prequel? (What is this all about?)

Feeling confused and don’t know where to be,

I managed to fool everyone, but I can’t fool me.

Shape Sorter, no black and brown blocks. Where am I in the mix?

Little research, on the “existence”, in the transcript.

Speak my truth, been gaslighted,

Needing guidance to be guided.

Misdiagnosed and stereotyped, what is the presentation?

I must continue blogging, the importance of diverse representation.

Sometimes I need to shutdown and want to stay indoors to hide,

No one sees all the hard work that goes on inside.

Natural habitat, then outside to the concrete jungle,

Disorientated while masking my struggle.

(I freeze) Stuck in the spider’s web, but then I escape. “I’m free!”,

You can’t catch me, I’ve got no strings, but now I’m tribeless, with nowhere to be.

Words stuck in translation comes out as something else.

Away from the crossroads to continue finding myself.

I see no sides, trying to listen to different perspectives,

Remaining calm while being reflective.

Listening to the voices of the unheard,

Speaking their truth so that understanding doesn’t become blurred.

“Stick to the script. No freestyling.” Whose poem is this anyway?

I’ll continue with my rhyming so that I don’t get led astray.

Follow my morals wherever I go.

I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes I don’t know.

Painting a more diverse landscape, then looking further in the distance.

The trees in the background are underrepresented. We need to understand their existence.

Maybe it’s natural I want everyone to get along,

Yet still, I will peacefully take a stance for what’s right and outline the wrong.

Will financial greed win? As the earth barely continues to spin,

Together give our children and adults an accepting and inclusive future to live in.

As myself and my younger self become acquainted,

How to stop the pure water from becoming tainted?

No stereotypes, but identity. I want to proclaim,

I will continue my journey to become reunited with my name.

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