Halloween at Blenheim Palace


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Firstly, we all decided to attend the Halloween at Blenheim Palace after dark trail, with our time slot at 7:30 pm. Moreover, Blenheim Palace is in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

I pre-ordered our tickets online, including the purchase of a free Carer’s ticket. Likewise, a couple of days before the Halloween event, I received an email with pre-arrival information.

After Dark Halloween Trail

blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace
Welcome to Blenheim Palace.

Firstly, I managed to capture a haunting photo of Blenheim Palace in the dark, which set the mood off before we continued with the Halloween Trail.

Halloween Family Fun.

halloween-sign, blenheim-palace
Sign at Blenheim Palace.

We then saw a Halloween sign directing us onto the right path into the haunted woods. Furthermore, there was a skeleton and a pumpkin light projection on the ground to where we walked.

Moreover, my son and partner liked the way the colourful lights projected onto the trees.

halloween-light-projection, haunted-trees, light-projection
Halloween Light Projection.

Spooky Halloween Lights.

halloween-light-trail-at-blenheim-palace, blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace, halloween-family-fun
Blenheim Palace Lighting.

Next, I marvelled at the warm lighting on the grass, with purple lighting projected onto the trees and bushes in the background.

light-trail, halloween-light-trail, blenheim-palace, after-dark-halloween-trail
Light Halloween Trail.

Additionally, there was a light trail, which led us into the dark of the woods. My son and partner then proceeded to walk onwards, with me trailing behind. (I was trying to sneak up behind them to scare them, but they were not afraid).

Blenheim Palace Halloween Features.

There were also lots of Halloween features to see on the after-dark Halloween Trail, including:

  • Spooky Eyes peering from in the bushes.
In the Dark Spooky Eyes.
  • Creepy Pumpkins, scattered on the ground.
creepy-pumpkins, halloween-family-fun, after-dark-halloween-trail, blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace
Creepy Pumpkins.
  • Dracula’s coffin in the graveyard, with ghouls’ arms reaching out of the earth.
draculas-coffin, halloween-trail, after-dark-halloween-trail, blenheim-palace, halloween-trail-at-blenheim-palace
Dracula’s Coffin.
  • Giant Spiders: lurking about in the woods. (With luminous cobwebs glistening in the night).
ginormous-spiders, halloween-spiders, spiders, halloween-trail, after-dark-halloween-trail, blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace
Ginormous Spiders.

Lastly, the eerie sounds of bats made the Halloween Trail even creepier.


One of the tricks for us was the foggy swamp, which looked impressive as you walked by. Moreover, my partner was trying to figure out how they created the fog effect. Although, for me, it was Hocus Pocus magic.

spooky-swamp, halloween-family-fun, after-dark-halloween-trail, halloween-at-blenheim-palace, blenheim-palace
Spooky Swamp.

Talking about magic, the witch by the cauldron, and other role-play actors, done a marvellous job telling a story as you walked along the trail. Additionally, none of the characters jumped out at us, which is good news for anyone who dislikes surprises without warning.


My son and I enjoyed eating a giant marshmallow each, which we toasted by the fire pit. The marshmallows cost £3 for two. Likewise, they were not any ordinary marshmallows; but came in different flavours!

toasting-marshmallows, marshmallows, marshmallows-by-the-fire-pit
Toasting Marshmallows.

My son chose the salted caramel marshmallow, and I chose the candy floss flavour. (I was more excited than my son about this).

Another treat for the night was the Fire Performer, who acted like a zombie character and then started throwing and twirling fire in the air.

fire-artist, fire-artist-at-blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace, fire-performer
Fire Artist.

Lastly, there were opportunities around the Halloween Trail to take single, couples, and family photos, including behind a Blenheim Palace from Dusk into Darkness Halloween prop stand.

Overall, we all had a pleasant, but spooktacular night.

blenheim-palace, halloween-at-blenheim-palace, illumination, after-dark-halloween-trail, blenheim-palace-oxfordshire
After-Dark Trail at Blenheim Palace.

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