Halloween 2020


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Creepy Decorations.

This year we have gone into the cupboard to retrieve and reuse Halloween decorations from last year. These include previously purchased items and decorations which we painted and decorated.

halloween decorations
Reusing Decorations.

My son chose three plastic skeleton figures when he was shopping with his dad last year. For some strange reason, the figure on the right reminds me of the Skeksis character from Dark Crystal.

Three Skeleton Figures.

At the moment, he is fascinated with skulls, so he bought three more skeleton decorations. My son was in charge of decorating the flat, including filling up the plastic T-Rex skeleton head and giant skull head with sweets.

Halloween Decorations.

We use the black tuff tray for a lot of painting, and my son pointed out that the green paint that had dried on it looked like a skull.

Green Skull.

Pumpkin Carving.

My son likes to carve a pumpkin, although he struggles a bit, he still enjoys doing this activity. I left my partner and son to carve their pumpkins while I had uneventfully grown-up things to do. (Yes, I missed out on all the fun).

Carving a Pumpkin.

They finished carving their masterpieces and finished off their pumpkin designs with one wearing a hat, and the other wearing a blue bucket on top of its head.

Pumpkin Pals.

Modelling Clay Halloween Style.

We used air-dry clay, which my son rolled out to make slightly thinner. Using the modelling clay tools, he proceeded to carve out a skull design.

Air-Dry Clay.

He used one of the original skull ornaments to assist with moulding and forming the shape of a skull so that when the clay dried, it would not fall apart.

I started moulding and shaping a mask out of clay for my son to paint later.

Secondly, I moulded the proportions of the face with the eyes, teeth, and cheeks, adding in more detail. I also constructed some ears and a tongue.

We waited the following day for the clay to dry so that my son could start painting the skull and mask.

He began first with painting the skull.

For the mask, my son decided to use bright colours. He commented that the top part of the face, in the middle looked like a pastry sausage roll.  I could not see it at first but looking closer now I can.

 He finished off painting the Halloween masked face with a tongue sticking out.

Skull Painting.

Continuing with the skull theme, my son wanted to draw an abstract version of a skull onto the canvas. He is used to painting floor-based on top of the tuff tray, but this time he wanted to try out painting upright, using an artist wooden canvas stand.

Lastly, he drew out his skull design and proceeded to paint using acrylic paints. He used bold, vivid colours to express his vision of an abstract skull.

Here is his final masterpiece:

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