Fidget Toy Advent Calendars

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Christmas Advent Calendars.

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Advent Calendars.

Christmas is fast approaching, so what better way to get into the festive spirit than to explore two fantastic Christmas advent calendars.

Every day of advent, I will be opening each number to unveil cool fidget toys.

So, here are the two fidget toy advent calendars of which I will be reviewing:

The Works Fidget Advent Calendar.

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The Works Fidget Advent Calendar.

First of all, The Works fidget advent calendar, which costs £15, comes with twenty-four fidget toys in total. Additionally, this calendar is suitable for ages four years plus.

On the back of the box, there is a list of the different types of fidget toys inside. (Which is great for anyone who feels uncomfortable with surprises and needs to know some information in advance).


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Fidget Therapy.

The box is visually appealing, with bright colours, candy canes, a snowman and even Santa decorated on the front.

the-works-fidget-advent-calendar, fidget-toys, advent-calendar

Moreover, the numbers are in different colours and a small-sized font.

the-works-advent-calendar, christmas-advent-calendar, fidget-toy-advent-calendar, 24-day-countdown, christmas-countdown-2021
Fidget Advent Calendar.

Nensiche Fidget Toy Advent Calendar.

fidget-toy-advent-calendar, nensiche, fidget-toys, christmas-advent-calendar, 24-day-countdown, christmas-countdown-2021
Nensiche Fidget Toy Advent Calendar.

Firstly, I purchased the Nensiche fidget toy advent calendar online on Amazon at the cost of £27.99. This Christmas advent calendar is a surprise gift box with a traditional festive look.


fidget-toy-calendar, christmas-advent
Fidget Toy Calendar.

The advent calendar is in a deep Christmas red colour, with the display of falling snow. Likewise with the festive theme is the inclusion of a snowman.

fidget-toy-advent-calendar, nensiche, fidget-toys, christmas-advent-calendar, 24-day-countdown, christmas-countdown-2021
Advent Calendar.

There is also an image of a house and visuals of the fidget toys that will be inside.

Fidget Toys.

The numbers on the box are easy to find, with the large-sized font and all in the same colour.

fidget-toy-advent-calendar, nensiche, fidget-toys, christmas-advent-calendar
Christmas Advent Calendar.

Fidget Toy Poll.


Just for fun, I wanted to conduct a poll for all the fidget toy collectors out there:

Countdown to Christmas.

I shall be opening the advent calendars one by one until we reach Christmas Day.

If you have already bought any fidget toy advent calendar for this year, then you can join in by commenting down below each day of what fidget toy you got.

So, starting from the 1st December, we shall see what fidget toys these calendars shall bring.

Days of Advent:

  1. 1st December: Christmas Advent.
  2. 2nd December: Christmas Advent.
  3. 3rd December: Christmas Advent.
  4. 4th December: Christmas Advent.
  5. 5th December: Christmas Advent.
  6. 6th December: Christmas Advent.
  7. 7th December: Christmas Advent.
  8. 8th December: Christmas Advent.
  9. 9th December: Christmas Advent.
  10. 10th December: Christmas Advent.
  11. 11th December: Christmas Advent.
  12. 12th December: Christmas Advent.
  13. 13th December: Christmas Advent.
  14. 14th December: Christmas Advent.
  15. 15th December: Christmas Advent.
  16. 16th December: Christmas Advent.
  17. 17th December: Christmas Advent.
  18. 18th December: Christmas Advent.
  19. 19th December: Christmas Advent.
  20. 20th December: Christmas Advent.
  21. 21st December: Christmas Advent.
  22. 22nd December: Christmas Advent.
  23. 23rd December: Christmas Advent.
  24. 24th December: Christmas Advent.