February Half-Term 2021


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Half Term During Lockdown.

The half-term holiday is now over, and today we have entered back into the routine of school. During the holidays, we brainstormed ideas and activities to do at home while in lockdown. Additionally, we found entertainment in indoor activities such as baking, art and playing traditional board games.

Baking and Cooking.

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, was on 16th February. I also remembered to add batter mix to my shopping list. My son had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, whereas I went for the traditional sugar and lemon toppings.

In our cupboard, we had a few baking kits. So, we decided to make Lemon Drizzle Traybake and Salted Caramel Cupcakes.

As for cooking, my son chose the ingredients for us to make a Bolognese. Furthermore, as far as independent cooking, he made an excellent chicken and sausage stir fry. (baking and cooking, always a great indoor activities to do).

Board Games During Half Term.

We played Snakes and Ladders a few times but got bored of that, so we then went onto play Jenga, Mapominoes (USA Edition), and of course, classic Dominoes.

Mexican Skull and Dot Art.

Using wooden canvases (20 x 20 cm), I painted one canvas rose colour, and my son painted the other metallic black.

black and rose canvases, painting during lockdown, half term holiday, ideas and activities,
black and rose canvases.

He then proceeded to paint an abstract skull.

painting during lockdown, painting onto canvas, ideas and activities, activities to do at home
abstract art.

His inspiration for this was Mexican skulls, hence calling this piece Abstract Mexican Skull. Subsequently, I like how he has used the art technique of moving the paint in a different direction with his brushstrokes, showcasing expressionism.

mexican-skull, abstract-art, expressionism, activities-to-do-at-home, half-term-during-lockdown, indoor-activities-during-lockdown
Mexican Skull.

On the other hand, I decided to create art with dots, applying different colours, and sized dots onto the canvas. I used both the bristle and the end part of the brushes to create dot art. Overall, I like how vibrant the art piece looks.

dot art, art with dots, activities to do at home, half term during lockdown, indoor activities during lockdown
dot art.

Walking During Lockdown.

We went out walking during half term, exploring our local area. (I think we may put together a scrapbook of photos).

My son took photos of flowers and nature nearby; although, the interest and excitement of walking around similar areas halted when we completed most areas that were within walking distance.   

All in all, our February half term week was not wasted, as we done a few fun activities to do at home. Additionally, we had time away from our screens, and my son had time away from doing schoolwork. Thus, it was time well spent going at a steady pace.

Days Out of Days Past.

Now, we are restricted on where we can go; so, I have decided (after the holidays) to blog about past days out. These blogs will be uploaded in four parts, as part of a series blog.

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