Family Art: Part 1

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We have had the pleasure to attend Art and Us, which is a 3-year programme, at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes. You can refer to my MK Gallery: Art and Us post, where I explain more about the Art and Us programme.

As a family, we enjoy art, so it was a fabulous experience to be able to work with different associate artists to explore art through Art and Us.

Session 1.

After writing the MK (Milton Keynes) Gallery post, my son was offered a complimentary session (session 1) for Art and Us. My parents, boyfriend and I attended our first session with my son.

MK Gallery supplied a blackout tent and sensory aids for the session.

sensory tent, sensory den
sensory tent.

Monster Sculpture.

There were pipe cleaners (my son’s favourite) and modelling dough ready for us to use.

clay dough.

Firstly, my son enjoyed moulding and sculpturing the Slappy the Dummy out of clay. Likewise, my boyfriend made a monster sculpture too. Lastly, my dad also carefully sculpted body definition for his model art piece.

Prints With Acrylic Paints.

We explored mixing shaving foam with acrylic paint, led by the artist.

foam acrylic paint
mixing foam with acrylic paints.

She showed us how to experiment with this technique to create art prints.

Session 2.

Both my nieces, son, myself and sister in law attended our second session. The artist set up some fun science experiments for us to do.

My son and nieces all worked together to gather the equipment needed for each experiment. They also had to follow the instructions for each method.

Experiment 1: Fizzy Jars.

The cousins (my son and nieces) gathered together baking powder, vinegar and ink to create their fizzy jar. Likewise, the fizzy jar experiment is like a replica of a volcano eruption.

fizzy jar, science art
fizzy jar.

Some of the ink from the science experiment was sieved out and used to create a drawing. We used paintbrushes to create different strokes as well as our fingers.

Family Experiment 2: Squidgy Jelly.

We used gelatine, pipettes, syringes, a tray, blue jug, and coloured ink to create squidgy jelly.

The children used their fingers and a dustpan examining the texture of the jelly.

Experiment 3: Bubble Jars.

For this experiment, the children used oil, water, coloured ink and Alka seltzer tablets to create a lava lamp effect.

Family Experiment 4: Giant Bubbles.

First of all, we made giant bubbles using a mixture of cornflour, baking powder, water and washing up liquid.

making giant bubbles
making giant bubbles.

The artist showed us how to use two long sticks, string, and a washer to make a bubble catcher. All of us then spent some time outdoors blowing bubbles with the bubble catchers that we made.

Session 3.

I brought my son and eldest niece along to the third Art and Us session at MK Gallery.

Goosebumps Makeup Movie Effects.

The artist who worked with us for this session showed us how to create Goosebumps inspired movie effects, using special makeup paint.

Fake Wound Using Makeup Paint.

Firstly, my son created a fake wound, using paint and fake blood, which he also made up.

Sticking with my son’s interest in Goosebumps and the horror theme, my son created a G symbol design on his hand, which he painted afterwards.

My niece, on the other hand, wanted to keep her design cute, painting a pretty pink butterfly.


After, we ventured outside to the Playscape area to explore the outdoor space.

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