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Firstly, I know that it seems, a while ago, but cast your mind back (think back) to what you were doing at the start of the summer holidays?

Well, we started the school holidays off by adventuring out to Luton for The Big Trunk Trail. Additionally, the elephant art sculptures are all uniquely designed and are part of an art trail in several locations in Luton.

Thus, the idea is to have some family fun and spot the elephants around these locations using a map trail. Furthermore, when the Big Trunk Trail ends, the elephant sculpture will be auctioned to raise funds for Keech Hospice Care.

Wardown Park.

wardown-park-luton, river-lea
Wardown Park.

River Lea.

bridge, bridge-at-wardown-park
Walking Across the Bridge.

First stop, to Wardown Park in Luton, where my son and I took in the beautiful natural scenery of the trees and River Lea. We also walked across Wardown Park bridge to find the elephants and watch the ducks’ swim.

My son wanted me to take a photo of him standing in the bandstand, and if you look closely, you’ll see an elephant in the distance.

bandstand, bandstand-wardown-park
By the Bandstand.

Art Trail.

elephant-at-wardown-park-luton, elephant-trail, spot-the-elephant, big-trunk-trail, art-trail
Elephant at Wardown Park.

Continuing with the art trail, we proceeded to spot the elephants around Wardown Park. My son was so good at finding the elephants and spotted all of them in this location. (I won’t post all the photos of the elephants as it ruins the trail for everyone else).

big-trunk-trail-luton, elephant-trail, keech-hospice
Big Trunk Trail Information.

Lastly, as we went around the art trail, we noticed information plaques and a yellow strip around the bottom of the sculptures with interesting facts about elephants.

I liked the attention to detail, with one of the designs having artwork of the Connor hat factory. Moreover, Luton is traditionally known for its hat making.

Onwards with the Big Trunk Trail to our second location:

Luton Town Centre.

Luton Town Hall.

Wall Art and Rainbows.

if-you-can-dream-it, mark-titchner, hat-factory, luton
If You Can Dream It.

Our trail to spot the elephants continued in and around Luton Town Centre, where we were side-tracked by the impressive wall art by Mark Titchner.

Next, we walked past the Hat Factory, where we spotted a rainbow and a thank you message from The Culture Trust to the NHS on the window.

NHS Rainbow.

Spot the Elephants.

cupcake, elephant, luton, spot-the-elephant, big-trunk-trail, art-trail
Cupcake Elephant.

Using the map, we were able to spot many elephants, including one decorated in cupcakes, another looking like an artist with paintbrushes, pencils and paint in its apron pockets, and a musical elephant wearing sunglasses.

elephant, spot-the-elephant, luton, bedfordshire, art-trail
Artist Elephant.
elephant-trail, elephant, luton. spot-the-elephant, take-an-elphie, big-trunk-trail
elephant with shades

Luton Local History.

I found it intriguing to notice something different in a location that we have visited frequently, such as the local historical facts dotted around Luton Town Centre. One of the facts includes Luton’s history with straw-plaiting.

The Galaxy Luton.


Of course, my son wanted to play on the arcades in the Galaxy centre, so that is what we proceeded to do.

The Arcades.

I know that the weather is a bit cooler now, but when we took part in the Big Trunk Trail, the weather was much hotter. Plus, we had participated in a moderate amount of walking for the activity, and my “extra lockdown weight” meant that I was eager to cool down.

So, I was thinking creatively about: how to cool down and decided to use the Hurricane simulator. (It did the job)

hurricane simulator
Hurricane Simulator.


love-luton, spot-the-elephant, big-trunk-trail, take-an-elphie
Luton Elephant.

My son saw a Love Luton themed elephant sculpture nearby, so we took a photo of that. He also wanted his photo taken outside the Luton Town Hall. Additionally, on the trail, we spotted an elephant dedicated to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

captain-sir-tom-moore, big-trunk-trail, elephant-trail, spot-the-elephant, luton
Captain Sir Tom Moore.
luton-hall-memorial, captain-sir-tom-moore
Luton Hall Memorial

Windrush Generation.

the-mall-luton, elephant-trail, luton, bedfordshire
The Mall Luton.

As we walked around the town centre, my son thought he spotted an elephant in The Mall. As we went inside, the figure that my son saw in the distance was a Windrush Generation Display.

windrush-generation-luton, local-history, luton-history
Windrush Generation Display.

There’s a lot of Caribbean history connected to Luton, so it was nice to see. Furthermore, the display outlines the history of people from the Caribbean being invited to the UK to live and work and the local Carnival roots.

The Big Trunk Trail Merchandise.

elephant-trail-merchandise, spot-the-elephant, elephant-trail-luton, big-trunk-trail, keech-hospice
Elephant Trail Merchandise.

We spotted a herd of baby elephants in The Mall as well as an elephant trail merchandise stand, where I purchased an elephant magnet and coaster. (When we finished the elephant trail, I put the fridge magnet next to another fridge magnet with the word you are one in a melon).

Onwards with the Big Trunk Trail to our third location:

Stockwood Park.

bees-and-flowers, big-elephant-trail-luton, spot-the-elephant, stockwood-park, art-trail
Bees and Flowers.

If you are an earlier follower of our blog, then you will know that we’ve previously visited Stockwood Park for an interactive science exhibition. We only stopped off for a short stay this time to find the elephant art sculptures.

Wood carvings.

We saw a couple of wood carvings on our walk around Stockwood Park, including one of an owl.

Please comment below if I am wrong, but I believe the second wood carving is a squirrel holding a nut?

Elephant Art Sculptures.

elephants, big-trunk-trail-luton, spot-the-elephant
Two Elephants.

After a short walk, we were about to give up in this location until my son spotted two elephants standing opposite each other in the distance. We both also spotted an elephant decorated with flowers and bees.

Onwards with the Big Trunk Trail to the last location:

Luton Hoo Memorial Park.

luton-hoo-memorial-park, bedfordshire
Luton Hoo Memorial Park.

Now I have heard of the Luton Hoo but had never heard of Luton Hoo Memorial Park. (Until the elephant trail).

We managed to spot both elephants at this location, including a jungle theme elephant with animals on. After visiting here, we had found most of the elephants, so both agreed that it was time to head back home.

elephant-at-luton-hoo-memorial-park, spot-the-elephant, big-trunk-trail-luton, art-trail
Elephant at Luton Hoo Memorial Park.

Next on our Tour de Bedfordshire is our day out at The Higgins Bedford.

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