Egg in a Shell

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A storyteller of truth, wise words to be found,

The story starts with an egg; he was more oval than round.

Life is sometimes hard, so he puts on his shell,

The wolf knocked his wall down. Life wasn’t going so well.

The wall needs putting, back together again,

So, Mr Egg went home to fill in the paperwork to the big hen.

Working tirelessly to rebuild the wall, 14 hours a day at worst,

Some chickens ran past hurling grains shouting, “we were here first”!

“They boiled me for too long”, Mr Egg said with a frown,

I need to get out of this pan and need to cool down.

As he walked home, thoughts scrambled around in his head,

He worked hard for £67.25 a week, but now sadly went off to bed.

“I wish I could, quantum leap into the future by any means of transport”,

Poor Mr Egg tried rebuilding the wall, but he needed more support.

The next day at work no one talked to Mr Egg, no conversation,

He continued rebuilding the wall through the hurt and frustration.

A few kind men with their horses tried to help too,

But too many walls needed rebuilding, there was too much work to do.

It’s a complex situation, but Mr Egg finally rebuilt the wall,

It was gleaming brightly; It was standing tall.

See the big hen authorised the correct tools to assist,

Meaning no delays or time missed.

He had new tools but used the same bricks to scaffold one at a time,

The original bricks went through some weathering, but they still are fine.

The moral of the story always comes at the end,

Mr Egg needed some help, but the biggest lesson is that:

The wall was never broken in the first place, my friend.

This poem is Copyright © Positively ASC.

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