Easter Week

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Changes During Easter Week.

I started preparing my son for the changes this Easter over a week ago. Likewise, I have been explaining that we will be spending Easter at home. (not at nan and grandad’s house, which he understood and took well).

My son chose a few activities to do during the week. A new addition to Easter this year was making Italian Easter Bread.

Italian Easter Bread.

We attempted to make some Italian Easter Bread, which is slightly sweet with sprinkles on top.

The bread was light and tasted fantastic. It’s something that my son enjoyed making and wants to make again. Although, next time I’ll include glazed icing on top.

Easter Wreath.

The wreath was made by cutting a large circle out from cardboard. Then my son drew a smaller circle and made a hole in the centre.

Next, my son glued artificial sunflowers, decorative eggs, coloured card shapes on. Followed by the chicks onto the wreath using a glue gun and PVA glue. My son then fixed the rest of the sunflowers from the garland around the wreath.

easter craft wreath
Easter craft .

My son has made a wreath before, but this was decorated with dried fruit, pine cones and cinnamon sticks for Christmas.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Firstly, I was unable to order an Easter egg bag or basket for my son. So, I decided to make him one instead, out of a cardboard box.

Secondly, the next step was drawing a checked pattern onto the box and painting the design using acrylic paints.

Followed by cutting out a long strip from a white foam sheet. Likewise, I used split pins to fasten the handle onto the box.

easter bag handle
easter bag handle.

The bunny-shaped clues were made using a sheet of shiny gold card. Additionally, the bunnies were marked out using a cookie cutter from our baking cupboard.

While my son was asleep, I hid the chocolate eggs and sweets around the flat. The next morning, my son woke up all excited and ready to hunt for the Easter eggs. Eating chocolate is always a favourite in our household. (Talking about chocolate, I have a blog about our visit to the chocolate factory: Cadbury World for one of their relaxed SEN session).

Easter Sunday.

First of all, I covered our coffee table with a festive table cover, followed by the napkins. Likewise, my son’s DIY Easter Wreath, a small wicker heart wreath, and a tealight holder were placed on the table.

Happy Easter.

We will be having a roast dinner later, watching Sunday service and FaceTime the family.

candle and bread.

From both of us, Happy Easter to you all.


  1. Even though it’s a different kind of Easter from the ones he usually knows, I think it’s lovely how you’ve put so much thought into creating some fun activities for your son. I hope you both have a lovely day.