Committed to Myself

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Firstly, I took a little break away from blogging as my brain was becoming exhausted from what I call multitasking overload.

Secondly, I have overworked my brain, especially with how much reading I have had to do lately. I did, cut back on a few things to stay committed to myself, however, I still found that I was doing too much so, decided to cut back a bit more (to focus on my priorities).

Speaking Too Fast.

Speaking too fast.

I am aware that I have this ability to have three conversations all at once. Furthermore, I read a lot, so I do not want all this information to be only contained in my head. So, everything comes out all at once. I am committed on slowing myself and my thoughts down, and refocusing my energy on more productive tasks in life.



Setting clear boundaries with people is what I have identified I need to do more of. Sometimes, being upbeat can give others the wrong impression that I can take on more than I actually can. In the past, it usually ends up with me feeling frustrated, and others confused as to why. So, I will be focusing on creating healthy boundaries.

Saying No.

Saying no.

Learning to say no is a significant progression that I have made. I am committed to changing my approach to a lot of situations in my life in a big way.

I am a busy person focusing on my son and myself. Although, I have found that people who genuinely care about me will respect this and will not take it personally if I cannot interact or attend an event. Furthermore, I am only one person and cannot do it all, so saying no at times is necessary for my mental health.

Occasionally Social.

Occasionally social.

Realising now that I am an occasionally social person. Likewise, I have always preferred being around smaller groups as a teen and onwards. Furthermore, I prefer my own company and am not overly keen on needing to be social all the time. (Hence, why I have not felt anxious about being at home).

I am similar to my son in this regard, where I like socialising for some time, but then I want time in the day for myself without interacting with anyone. I guess we all need that time to ourselves.

Home Sweet Home.

Home sweet home.

Our home is our comfort zone, and I have tried to do some self-analysing as to why I am so relaxed being at home for so long. My son has felt so calm, too (he loves it). Having time away with no distractions has allowed me to identify and address what triggers my anxiety.

Other than the external environment, I have been figuring out how I also am putting a mental hold on myself. I have looked at how I am going to approach situations on the outside differently so that I will not feel as anxious as I used to. I am in a great place and want to continue with my self-progression.

My commitment to myself is to give myself a break now and then, and not to lose my identity while going through my journey in life.