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The most significant change that has had an impact on my son’s routine is not having his after-school sports clubs. He has been used to playing hockey and tennis every week, plus swimming (which he has done for years).


As my son needs to do heavy work exercises for proprioceptive input, I have had to replace his sports activities with something else. We are lucky though that his tennis coach has been sending us tennis, and ball activities that we can do at home.

Obstacle Course.

Last week, I set up an obstacle course for him, and he was not impressed. He commented that it was rubbish and his PE coach does it better. (I had to laugh) My reply to that was “Well, I never have inspired to be nor ever will be a PE coach”.

Basketball and Football.

So that my son has a range of sports activities to choose from, I ordered my son a basketball hoop and a football goal and target shot.


Working out doing yoga has helped us feel calm, and cope with all the change. My son did not want to start doing yoga until I wore a bracelet because apparently, all yoga teachers wear them. I thought if it helps him to focus, then I will wear one.

Change in the Flat.

football goal, tuff tray
moving objects.

I tend to move a few objects around in our flat over a long period, (making slight changes) but give my son plenty of notice. He is very particular of where things go.

My son has been ok with me moving a few objects around at the back of our living room during this time (like the black tuff tray when doing PE). Now, this usually would have bothered him because he likes everything to be in its place. (like his DVD collection). However, as long as he knows that afterwards, the tuff tray (or other items) will go back in its original spot, then he is ok with it.

He even watches me closely to see how I position the tuff tray back. If it is positioned a few centimetres out of place, then he will move it to its precise spot.

Classical Music.

classical music.

A new change for us over the past few weeks is listening to classical music. We both felt relaxed listening to it during downtime. I am pleasantly surprised to learn that my son enjoys listening to classical music occasionally now.

Change to Breakfast.


My son usually has toast for breakfast in the mornings as he prefers this to cereal. I guess he got bored of having it every morning so asked to try some of my Ready Brek. He now prefers having this in the mornings, but it has to have some raspberry jam in (not strawberry).

Cloud Spotting.

cloud spotting.

For me, I have gone into my kitchen and looked up at the sky a lot more. Staying in does strange things, I think I am becoming a cloud spotter. I have even gone online and found this link:

I have been observing the different cloud types and looking at the moon and stars at night-time.

To-Do List.

remote meetings.

Like everyone else, I will have a lot of things to sort out once everything goes back to normal.

We have had postponed appointments and trying to arrange remote meetings. I have written a to-do list that I have left at the side. For now, I am just making the most of living in the moment.

With all the changes going on, I expected my son to struggle during this length of time being in one place; but, overall, it has been the most relaxed I have seen him be in a while.