Part Three: National Space Centre

As we arrived at the National Space Centre, we saw this magnificent Space Shuttle Intelsat Satellite Cradle in front of the museum. There was also a pioneer statue at the front.

Our Weekend in Birmingham

I was super excited to have the opportunity to visit Birmingham with my son and boyfriend, a place where I studied and lived over a decade ago!

We planned ahead of time of what we wanted to do for our weekend away.

Fizz, Glow In The Dark and Being Creative

This week, my son and I decided to do a few science experiments at home, using the Learn and Climb Boom! Fun with Science kit that I bought.

This kit has more than 60 experiments of educational fun.

Goosebumps Science With Gummy Bears

my son is a big fan of Goosebumps; so much so that he watches a Goosebumps film at least once a week. In addition, the special features part of the Goosebumps 2 DVD, there are a few Goosebumps science experiments.